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“MarketSight has a huge advantage over SPSS in crosstab construction and user interface. On one of our projects, MarketSight saved us 20 hours of backend analysis time.”

"Adopting a cost-effective system was important, but even more important is the fact that I save time with MarketSight. The tool allows me to get my job done more efficiently, and as part of a small group in a fast-paced company, that's essential."

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Survey Analysis Software

  • Analyze survey data with crosstabs and charts
  • Run statistical tests automatically
  • Create customized, client-ready, PowerPoint presentations
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MarketSight Overview

Survey Data Analysis

A key step in any survey research project is to analyze your data using Survey Analysis Software. MarketSight will help you find the insights that will support critical business decisions. You’ve spent a good deal of time and money designing and launching a survey - now it’s time to analyze all that data. MarketSight is the most cost-effective, easy-to-use, online software for analyzing survey data.


NEW! Connect your survey tool directly to MarketSight’s analysis and reporting platform to automatically load data, and update previously created charts and dashboards — with DataSync. Download the DataSync brochure to learn more.

Crosstab and Statistical Analysis Tools

Creating crosstabs, or cross-tabulating your survey data, is a simple, yet powerful technique for understanding survey results. A required feature of valid crosstabs is the use of statistical significance testing. Traditionally, tools for conducting statistical analysis of survey data have only been available to professional researchers or highly trained analysts. Now, MarketSight offers the same powerful tools used by professionals to anyone Analyzing Survey Data, regardless of their expertise in statistics. Make no mistake – MarketSight is powerful and is used by the pros, but it’s been designed to be easy to use by everyone. MarketSight features.


“MarketSight has become the tool no one here can live without!”  Thomas A. Baker - CTO - Medimix

Charting Survey Results

When it comes time to present the results of your survey, nothing tells the story better than charts and graphs. MarketSight has rich charting capabilities that will enable you to present your results with stunning visual clarity. With direct export to PowerPoint on your custom template, as well as free, secure, online reporting for your clients, MarketSight is the only solution that brings together all the key components of an online analysis, charting and dashboard solution for survey data.

Analyze Survey Data from any source, including SPSS, Excel, SAS, Triple-S and SurveyMonkey® data

Survey data exists in many different formats. Uploading your survey data to MarketSight is easy, and virtually all survey tools can output datasets in a format supported by MarketSight, including SPSS, Excel, SAS, Triple-S and SurveyMonkey® data. MarketSight will read your data automatically and let you analyze your surveys using the most powerful online survey analysis software available.

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Analyze Surveys quickly and easily with MarketSight.
With MarketSight, Stat Testing is automatic, saving you time to focus on analysis and presentation of results.
If you need to Analyze SPSS Data, but you don’t have SPSS, MarketSight is an ideal solution.
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