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“MarketSight has a huge advantage over SPSS in crosstab construction and user interface. On one of our projects, MarketSight saved us 20 hours of backend analysis time.”

"Adopting a cost-effective system was important, but even more important is the fact that I save time with MarketSight. The tool allows me to get my job done more efficiently, and as part of a small group in a fast-paced company, that's essential."

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Crosstab Software by MarketSight

MarketSight Online software for analyzing and reporting survey results

MarketSight is online software for analyzing and reporting survey results. With MarketSight, you can create crosstabs, automatically run statistical significance tests, create powerful interactive charts, create dashboards, view individual survey responses, export to Excel and PowerPoint to create deliverables and share research results online in a secure, web-based environment.

Core Features

  • Quickly Analyze Results from Any Survey - work with Excel, SPSS, SAS, Triple-S, and SurveyMonkey® files for instant survey analysis in MarketSight.

  • Create Unlimited Crosstabs - quickly and easily analyze survey data by creating a full range of crosstabs with MarketSight's very easy-to-use point-and-click interface. Intuitive for first time users yet powerful enough for the most advanced users. Crosstabs can be viewed online and saved to Excel and PDF formats.

  • Run Statistical Significance Tests - MarketSight automatically selects and applies the appropriate statistical significance test for each crosstab and displays the results with stunning clarity. You focus on the interpreting results while MarketSight does the math.

  • Create Beautiful Charts - instantly create pie-charts, line-charts, bar-charts, and column-charts from your survey data and export to your own custom PowerPoint templates.

  • View Individual Responses - create Data Tables to view individual verbatim responses meeting criteria you select. Easily export Data Tables to Excel for use in reports.

  • Upload Any Related File - enables subscribers to store and share any type of file on the MarketSight platform. For example, any PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel, Text or any file that contains important information relating to your market research work can be easily uploaded and stored in MarketSight so all of your market research work can be organized and shared with colleagues and clients in a secure central location.

  • Share Results - because MarketSight is hosted on a secure, web-based platform, sharing crosstabs, charts, dashboards and reports is effortless. Whether in our hosting center or installed on premises behind your firewall, no other crosstab software can match the collaborative power of MarketSight.

Enterprise Features

  • Co-Brand MarketSight with your Logo - customize the look and feel of the MarketSight platform with your logo. Deliver results to your clients under your brand.

  • Customized Exports - add your logo, copyright notice, custom header & footer content, and color scheme to PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel exports of your crosstabs, charts, data tables, and reports.

  • Create a Custom URL - designed to work with the co-branded interface, provide analysts and clients access to your data on the MarketSight platform at yourcompany.marketsight.com.

  • Data Integration capabilities through our published APIs - automatically load your survey data into MarketSight without having to upload individual files one-at-a-time.

  • Single Sign-on User Authentication - enabling your employees and clients to access MarketSight seamlessly from your secure web portal.

  • ChartSync - update any PowerPoint presentation containing MarketSight-produced charts with the click of a button. When your charts change online, you can sync them instantly with offline charts in any presentation. This valuable feature is ideal for tracking studies and for updating preliminary reports based on early survey returns.

  • Dashboards and Interactive Charts - Create compelling, interactive dashboards from existing charts and crosstabs in just minutes. These dashboards can be shared with other MarketSight users and non-users absolutely free, on your own web site or ours. Charts are automatically updated as the data changes.

  • DataSync - connects your survey tool directly to MarketSight’s analysis and reporting platform, automatically loading data and updating charts and dashboards with new survey data, so you’ll always have timely feedback on survey results. An add-on for Enterprise users who wish to eliminate exporting data and importing it into MarketSight.

The best way to learn about MarketSight is to sign up for a free 30 day trial today.