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“MarketSight has a huge advantage over SPSS in crosstab construction and user interface. On one of our projects, MarketSight saved us 20 hours of backend analysis time.”

"Adopting a cost-effective system was important, but even more important is the fact that I save time with MarketSight. The tool allows me to get my job done more efficiently, and as part of a small group in a fast-paced company, that's essential."

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Product Features

Survey Data Analysis has never been easier than it is today with MarketSight

MarketSight®simplifies and streamlines the research analysis process by automating time-intensive steps and empowering the individuals closest to the business challenges to analyze the research.  MarketSight’s easy to use, yet powerful features help novices as well as seasoned researchers get more valuable insight out of their research data

Build crosstabs using the intuitive analysis designer

Crosstabs are a great way to look for important relationships in the data, answer questions about a segment or investigate areas of interest. The MarketSight crosstab designer is visual and intuitive – there is no code or programming to learn. Simply select variables to include in the crosstab and choose one or more summary calculations to display.

Apply statistics to identify patterns in your data

MarketSight statistics are both powerful and easy to use. The application has a broad range of statistical tests available (see below), but understanding the nuances of these tests is not required. MarketSight automatically selects and runs the appropriate tests based on characteristics of the data. MarketSight also provides flexibility for advanced users, who may choose to adjust a variety of statistics options. Depending on the particular situation, MarketSight will run one or more of the following tests: ANOVA (f-test), t-test, chi-squared, Fisher's LSD, z-test, Levene, Fisher's Exact, Sheffe's, and Tukey's HSD.

Identify Significant Findings and test new hypotheses

MarketSight displays crosstab and statistical test results in an easy-to-interpret format. Statistically significant differences are easily identified with color shading. Because new hypotheses are often formed while viewing analysis results, MarketSight is designed to allow users to quickly iterate on the analysis from within the results display. Hypotheses can be tested and data can be explored in real-time. This leads to faster, deeper and more differentiating insights.

Create new variables and explore data more deeply

MarketSight User Defined Variables are flexible and easy. Just point and click to create new variables. Use them to analyze "top box" responses or multiple response "check all that apply" questions. Or use more advanced variable settings to create segmentation schemes which can be defined logically or mathematically based on criteria from a number of variables. Once new variables are created, they are available immediately for use in banners, and cross-tabs.

View individual responses to see verbatim content

In addition to MarketSight's powerful quantitative analysis capabilities, you can create Data Tables containing individual responses, based on filters that you specify. Data Tables are an ideal way to view and sort verbatim, or open-end responses.

Summarize findings and bring them to life with charts

MarketSight charts are created with a single mouse click and provide visual representations of data that help highlight and communicate findings. A number of options and settings are available for fine tuning chart display. Charts are fully exportable to Excel® and PowerPoint®, so there is no extra effort involved in preparing reports and presentations.

Upload and share presentations, reports and any related files

Using Related Files, all users can store and share any type of file on the MarketSight platform. For example, any PowerPoint, PDF, Word, Excel, Text or any file that contains important information relating to your market research work can be easily uploaded and stored in MarketSight so that all of your market research work can be organized and shared with colleagues and clients in a secure central location.

Analyze tracking studies with ease

Merging waves of data from tracking studies or continuously running surveys is fast and easy with MarketSight's Append Data Wizard. The wizard walks users through a series of steps that result in correctly aligned data, no matter how much the survey has changed. Once data have been matched, MarketSight can also create wave variables and automatically add new waves of data to existing analyses.

Highlight important survey results for clients using Key Findings

MarketSight Key Findings is a feature designed to provide instant access to charts, crosstabs, and other MarketSight items in one secure, client-friendly website. By publishing a MarketSight item to Key Findings, researchers can highlight their most important survey results in one convenient location and provide free, secure access for colleagues and clients to view those results online. Key Findings is available to all Full-Access users in every MarketSight account. In addition, each MarketSight account includes free Key-Findings-Only User IDs.

Create compelling, interactive dashboards from existing charts and crosstabs

MarketSight Dashboards can help you present your findings in a way that no other static medium can. Dashboards bring the data to life and enable a level of analysis that can be performed by anyone, regardless of expertise, potentially yielding important new insights for the business. These dashboards can be shared with other MarketSight users and non-users absolutely free, on your own web site or ours. Creating a dashboard is as simple as dragging a MarketSight chart or crosstab onto the canvas and selecting a few formatting options. Enterprise edition only.

Export dataset directly to SPSS

Some proprietary survey analysis tools limit the availability and use of data. MarketSight makes it easy to store data offline in a .sav file for further analysis in SPSS. Simply select Export and all data and variables, including user-defined and multiple response variables, will be exported.

Protect, secure and reuse research data and analysis

MarketSight is an enterprise scale, secure, Web-based application. All research data and analyses reside on secure servers so data is protected from theft, loss and unauthorized access. Research no longer needs to live on shelves in dusty binders or vanish when team members change responsibilities. With MarketSight, studies always remain secure and available for use in making future business decisions.

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