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"Adopting a cost-effective system was important, but even more important is the fact that I save time with MarketSight. The tool allows me to get my job done more efficiently, and as part of a small group in a fast-paced company, that's essential!"

- Corey Bennett, Market Research Manager

The Boston Beer Company

"An intuitive and easy-to- use analysis tool that would allow us to spend less time on basic analyses, such as building cross-tabs and creating banner reports, and more time with complex analyses, would be a great asset."

- Mary Ellen Knapka, Market Research Manager

The Thomson Corporation

"MarketSight has a huge advantage over SPSS in crosstab construction and user interface.On one of our projects, MarketSight saved us 20 hours of backend analysis time."

- Eugene Won, Director of Product Development

VDC Research

"MarketSight® saves a tremendous amount of time by automatically highlighting statistical significance within our data, and allows us to easily identify and share information faster."

- Mythraeyi Narayanan, Market Research Manager

Meriwest Credit Union

"I've said time and again how it's the one analytic tool I truly can't live without. I would feel lost without it."

- Kitty Sullivan

Chief-of-Staff, Scoop Technologies, Inc.


Robust interactive features that save time and increase productivity.

Design crosstabs and charts, select variables, run statistical testing and bring your data to life. MarketSight works with common data formats, SPSS, SAS, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and Triple-S. And seamlessly integrates with all major survey tools for quicker access to results.


Interactive dashboards let you easily see and tell your story.

Dive deep into findings and quickly find the answers with a simple click. Dashboards can be used with live data in real-time, completed surveys or any type of dataset, and can be accessed with any internet device. MarketSight's powerful dashboard reporting engages your audience and provides a central source of visually stimulating information for discussion and collaboration.

Compatible with all major survey
platforms and data formats

Google Consumer
Survey Monkey

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No Special Training Needed.

MarketSight can be used by anyone, regardless of expertise.

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MarketSight Expands U.S. Team

Building on the momentum following their acquisition by Reimagine Holdings Group, MarketSight LLC has made a significant push to accelerate growth with several key new hires.

MarketSight Introduces R Capabilities

Addition incorporates extensive capabilities of R, giving MarketSight users new, advanced analytics features.