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Easy data visualization and reporting for insights and business intelligence.

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Advanced interactive features that save time and increase productivity.

Design crosstabs and charts, select variables, run statistical testing and bring your data to life. MarketSight works with common data formats, SPSS, SAS, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint and Triple-S. And connects directly with your survey tool for fast, seamless access to results.


Interactive dashboards let you easily see and tell your story.

Dive deep into findings and quickly find the answers with a simple click. Dashboards can be used with live data in real-time, completed surveys or any type of dataset, and can be accessed with any internet device. MarketSight’s powerful dashboard reporting engages your audience and provides a central source of visually stimulating information for discussion and collaboration.

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Partnership seamlessly connects powerful data visualization and analytics with CMIX, collaborative survey programming tool, for easier access to high-quality insights.

Marketsight partners with google

As an API development partner, MarketSight has integrated its data analysis, visualization, and reporting solution with the Google Surveys platform.