Transform survey data to insight

Easy and powerful data analysis and visualization software for researchers and data analysts


MarketSight provides a complete solution


Save time and increase productivity

Built-in stat testing and automatic test selection takes the guess work out of analysis. Significant results are highlighted and our intuitive Crosstab designer allows for deep-dive segmentation with ease.


Charts & Dashboards tell the story behind the data

Immerse yourself in rich, dynamic charts. Create interactive and visually engaging dashboards that allow your research findings stand out.


Provide instant access to key findings

Explore live data from any internet device, and control user permissions with ease. Easily export to Powerpoint, Excel and pdf, and integrate content with web apps.


Leading companies choose MarketSight

"The feature-rich platform provides a lot of value to us. The data that UB receives and analyzes is important, but it’s even more important to deliver real insights, which MarketSight empowers us to do with less time and work than before.”

- Magnus Kjellman, Quantitative Analyst


"MarketSight is worth its weight in gold. It is an invaluable tool to our nimble team that must work with tight budgets. With MarketSight, we can analyze data with ease and deliver key insights to the business in record speed."

- Alex Church, Senior Research Analyst


"MarketSight is a game changer for us! It allows us to analyze data many magnitudes more efficiently than any other software we have used previously. It also automates tasks we used to do manually, which reduces room for human error and makes quality control much easier."

- Ross Jacobson, Director of Research


"MarketSight® saves a tremendous amount of time by automatically highlighting statistical significance within our data, and allows us to easily identify and share information faster."

- Mythraeyi Narayanan, Market Research Manager

Meriwest Credit Union

"MarketSight has a huge advantage over SPSS in crosstab construction and user interface. On one of our projects, MarketSight saved us 20 hours of backend analysis time."

- Eugene Won, Director of Product Development

VDC Research

"Adopting a cost-effective system was important, but even more important is the fact that I save time with MarketSight. The tool allows me to get my job done more efficiently, and as part of a small group in a fast-paced company, that's essential!"

- Corey Bennett, Market Research Manager

The Boston Beer Company

  • Nielson
  • IBM
  • Forrester
  • Deloitte
  • Vonage
  • ODC
  • Netflix
  • UBS

Compatible with all major survey platforms and data formats

Intuitive + Powerful

MarketSight can be used by anyone, regardless of expertise.