Analyzing Survey Data

You’ve spent months outlining your objectives, shaping the survey, and gathering respondents- now it’s time to start analyzing your survey data. Where should you start?

Small and large teams of researchers face similar challenges when analyzing survey data after completing the data collection. They have a finite amount of time and resources, clients and executives with high expectations, and an obligation to make accurate recommendations based on their research. No matter the size of your team, you’ll want to leverage a trusted platform to begin efficiently analyzing survey data.

analyzing survey data

Making Sense of your Survey Data

You can likely run some basic calculations in your survey collection tool that provide a surface-level understanding of the data. However, the only way to really dig in to the data is to let MarketSight roll up its sleeves and run advanced statistical tests to uncover insights. Even researchers with limited knowledge of statistics can still discover actionable insights in their data using MarketSight’s analytics.

Analyzing with Crosstabs

Crosstabs are the engine that fuels survey data analysis in MarketSight. Choose which variables you’d like to analyze, and the application will run the right stat test and highlight significant findings. By hovering your mouse over any cell in the crosstab, you’ll see more detail into the brains of MarketSight to understand which tests were run, and learn more about why a crosstab cell was marked as significant.

Interpreting Results

Run as many crosstabs as you’d like to get a better picture of what’s in the data. Then, you can interpret the results and decide where to go with the analysis. You might draw new conclusions that you hadn’t considered in the past, or reinforce your initial hypothesis during the analysis.

analyzing survey data

Beyond Analyzing Survey Data

The MarketSight application includes analysis and visualization features that let you take the findings from your survey data and produce interactive visuals that are easy to share. You can create charts and dashboards that illustrate the insights you’ve discovered to provide impactful reports to your team and clients.

Sharing Results

The simplest way to show colleagues your research findings is to point them to the results directly in MarketSight. Share a link with them, or share a folder to provide quick access to the secure Key Findings™ portal. Each MarketSight account includes an unlimited number of Key Findings ™ users to facilitate better, faster collaboration.