Health Union Helps Patients Living with Chronic Conditions Using Insights Discovered with MarketSight®


People living with chronic health conditions go online every day seeking information, connection, and validation. Health Union encourages those social interactions to evolve into meaningful health conversations through dedicated, condition-specific online communities. Simultaneously, these efforts advance the knowledge of biopharmaceutical partners, delivering valuable solutions that make consumer-focused marketing programs smarter and more effective. Today, Health Union owns and operates 19 online health brands, including, and, reaching more than ten million people monthly.

The Research & Analytics (R&A) team at Health Union conducts annual surveys with patients and caregivers in each of these communities. The large-scale surveys, which are unique to each condition, gather information about all aspects of the journey, and the results help guide the teams in creating content that will foster ongoing dialogue and engagement that continuously grows the communities.

LB Herbert, Executive Director of Research & Analytics, is responsible for the design and implementation of all Health Union quantitative research, including synthesis of the large-scale research studies and presentation of key findings that bring value to all stakeholders, including external partners.


The R&A team at Health Union oversees the data collection, analysis and presentation of 19 large-scale [Condition] In America surveys. The surveys include 100-125 questions each, and the number of respondents ranges from 300-5,500 depending upon the condition. In addition, the R&A team conducts all ad-hoc cross-platform surveys to address needs that arise within the communities, as well as all quantitative research services provided for third party partners. With this large amount of data, and the associated turnaround times, the team needed a more efficient means for analyzing data and presenting results in a usable way for colleagues and partners. Challenges within the process before MarketSight included:

  • Lengthy analysis time in Excel
  • Manual creation of PowerPoint charts
  • Time-consuming segment creation and analysis
  • Considerable room for error in analysis

The data needed to be manipulated to create specific sub-segments, helping target content creation for each community. Once the data was ready, the R&A team manually created, copied, and pasted charts into PowerPoint, creating decks of 100-250 slides. These PowerPoint reports were distributed to different internal departments, allowing them to understand the findings and guide content development strategy. The analysis and reporting process was very time-consuming, and each piece of the job had to be done in a different tool. More importantly, analysis took days to complete.

The R&A team considered SPSS but found the application difficult to navigate and analyze data with. They also needed a platform that would allow more customized chart creation and batch export. SPSS had limited charting and export capabilities.


In the search for a data solution that would expedite analyses, allow the team to create segments quickly, and design and export multiple charts at once, the team discovered MarketSight.

MarketSight’s cloud-based platform is designed specifically for analyzing and visualizing survey data. It works with datasets from various data formats and integrates with all major survey data platforms, including Qualtrics, Confirmit, Google Surveys, and CMIX. The R&A team uses Qualtrics for their survey distribution, making it that much easier to transfer the data into MarketSight.

“The time savings is great,” says Herbert. “The crosstabs, quick creation of variables, and batch charting let us get so much more done in the time we have. We can dig deeper into the data because of how much shorter the baseline analysis takes.”

Additionally, MarketSight allows users to create custom variables using Boolean logic for more precise segmentation, build crosstabs that display statistically significant results in seconds, and make charts directly from crosstabs to visually convey important results. MarketSight’s wealth of chart types gives Health Union many options to visualize their research findings. Charts can be exported directly to PowerPoint, reducing the steps needed to create and share findings.

“Previously, there was much more room for error because of how manual our entire analysis process was, which resulted in much more time spent QA-ing analysis and reports. Now, the chance of error has been reduced, especially with custom variable creation. MarketSight allows us to make a variable quickly that lets us compare groups, look for differences, and zero in on specific segments.” says Herbert.

With MarketSight, Health Union’s R&A team can now complete a typical analysis much more efficiently, with greater specificity and dimension. This shortened period for setting up and completing the analysis allows the team to really dig into the data and see exactly what it’s telling them, while also exploring with multiple segments.


With MarketSight, the Research & Analytics team at Health Union has experienced notable improvements across their entire workflow. With MarketSight, the R&A team is able to:

  • Complete basic data analysis in half the time
  • Easily create sub-segments for deeper analysis
  • Export batches of charts in just a few seconds
  • Provide data and reports to internal teams much more quickly

“I’m impressed by MarketSight,” says Herbert. “It improves researchers’ efficiency while helping them to generate smarter insights and high-quality deliverables.”