Data Visualization Tools

MarketSight has a variety of data visualization tools which enable you to create rich presentations of survey data. Use interactive charts, graphs, and dashboards to display the most important results in a way that’s easy to understand.

Our platform’s advanced data visualization tools save you time when creating presentations of your analyses. For instances where remote or virtual sharing is needed, you could make charts interactive by giving other users control over how the data is shown. Interactive controls let users select different variables and values to bring the data to life and enable a deeper level of analysis.

Choose from a wealth of chart types and pick the one that best fits your data. MarketSight offers bar, column, donut, and pie charts, scatterplots, and word clouds, to name a few. Switch between chart styles with a simple click and watch your data convert to the new chart type.



Create a custom PowerPoint template that can be stored in MarketSight and used for all chart exports. Brand the template to match your company colors, add a logo, and change fonts. ChartSync is useful for long-term tracking studies where waves of data are constantly being updated, removing the need to recreate your visuals.

Dashboards are engaging data visualization tools which consolidate all of your visuals. Create a dashboard from an existing template by simply dragging and dropping your charts onto placeholders that automatically adjust the size, saving hours of design time. MarketSight also has a Dashboard Design Studio , that will advise you on best practices for dashboard design and assist with dashboard creation. From content strategy to hosting and maintenance, our Dashboard Design Studio is here to help your team deliver engaging results.

Many data visualization tools lack the proper resources to share your final outputs. In MarketSight, you could quickly share your dashboards with colleagues and clients by adding them to Key Findings – a secure, permission-based sharing portal. Then, choose who has access to each item and set permissions on a case-by-case basis. No additional MarketSight subscription is needed to use Key Findings, making it a cost-effective method for sharing results among large teams or with clients. MarketSight visuals are also exportable to PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF, for those who prefer traditional reports.