Newton, MA (Feb 27, 2018)

MarketSight Launches New Dashboard Design Studio

MarketSight, LLC, a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions for data analysis and visualization, announced today the launch of Dashboard Design Studio, a comprehensive portfolio of dashboard solutions from do-it-yourself templates to highly custom solutions. Our team of professional visual designers, data analysts, and dashboard experts is working closely with client teams today to efficiently create new, custom dashboards on the MarketSight platform that meet clients’ unique specifications.

MarketSight has long been a platform trusted by the global market research industry for conducting data analysis and creating data-driven charts and dashboards that can be exported to PowerPoint and shared online. With the launch of the Dashboard Design Studio, MarketSight makes it possible for any organization to create custom dashboards, regardless of their level of design expertise.

Industry experts agree that bringing data to life with stories and compelling visuals is essential to efficient and impactful business decision-making. The challenge has been bringing together the diverse set of talents and technologies required to do that. Expertise in combining multiple data sources and creating compelling and interactive visual displays of that data are critical components of this new offering by MarketSight. Being able to deliver an integrated solution on the MarketSight Platform to any user on any device is a major differentiator.

“Creating a custom dashboard requires a certain level of design expertise, and not every company has the luxury of those resources on staff. While we offer a variety of easy-to-use templates via Dashboard Design Studio to help you get started on your own, we’re also able to provide our full team of experts as needed to help with the entire process of creating a custom dashboard from start to finish,” said MarketSight CEO, Michael DeNitto.

“We’ll work closely with you on the data processing, data analysis, and visual design, bringing everything together in a compelling, interactive, online display. We have an experienced team and the market-leading platform to bring your data and ideas to life. Using our built-in support for all survey data formats and our integration with many leading survey tools, you can connect your data directly to your dashboards and have a continuously updated view of your findings. No other platform can match this combination of technology and services,” DeNitto added.

To view examples of MarketSight’s Dashboard capabilities, visit MarketSight’s Visual Gallery

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MarketSight offers a cloud-based data analysis and visualization platform and professional design services that empower researchers and data analysts to discover and share key insights within survey data to drive business decisions. MarketSight seamlessly integrates with all major survey platforms and data formats. It is an intuitive and robust reporting solution that offers the unique ability to easily collaborate with colleagues and enterprises anywhere in the world.


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