Training Videos
MarketSight's video library provides the resources you need to master the platform


Uploading Datasets

See how easy it is to begin working with your data in MarketSight

Dataset Labeling Workbook

Use this feature to prepare an Excel file for analysis

Appending Variables

How to add new questions and variables to an existing dataset

Appending Respondents

Add new respondents to an existing dataset in your long-term tracking studies



Working with Variables

The essential steps to working with variables in MarketSight after uploading a dataset

Regrouping Variables

Group multiple variables into single categories to analyze broader age groups, income brackets, or other demographics

Conditional Variables

Conditional variables combine different variables to create precise market segments for analysis

Mathematical Variables

Create formulas within your variables.

Multi Response Variables

Learn how to analyze questions where "Check all that apply" is used

Filter Variables

Focus on more specific data in your Crosstabs, Charts, or Dashboards by using Filter Variables


Data Views

Viewing and Editing Data

Check through the preliminary results of a survey and clean data with ease



Basic Crosstabs

The quickest ways to start analyzing data and running automated stat tests with Crosstabs



Creating Charts

Simple, intuitive functions that let you begin visualizing your findings in a couple of clicks

Working with Chart Templates

Save yourself some design time by uploading a PowerPoint design theme

PowerPoint ChartSync

Learn how to keep your MarketSight exports up-to-date with the latest findings in PowerPoint



Designing Dashboards

Bring everything together in a beautiful Dashboard to share insights with clients and colleagues


Key Findings

Sharing Key Findings

Populate multiple secure folders in the Key Findings ™ portal with MarketSight items tailored for different audiences