Newton, MA (June 12, 2018)

MarketSight Upgrades Data Visualization Functionality and adds SPSS Dimensions Compatibility

MarketSight, LLC, a leading provider of data analysis and visualization solutions, has just released the latest update to its powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform for market researchers. Numerous upgrades have been made to the platform’s data visualization capabilities and the ease of variable manipulation and filtering, further reducing the time it takes for researchers to uncover and share new insights.


One of the most noteworthy improvements in MarketSight 10.9 is the improved speed and flexibility of chart creation. Users can now access a feature from the home page which automatically creates charts for them, providing a far more efficient workflow with fewer steps for visualizing key insights. Other enhancements in this release include the addition of new chart types, a wider range of chart customization options, and the ability to export more items from MarketSight, such as crosstabs, as native PowerPoint tables. This gives users several new options for charting their data and saves them time in creating compelling, visual reports.


Dashboards are now capable of displaying videos directly beside MarketSight Crosstabs and Charts, giving users entirely new ways to present their findings. Client-facing research teams can also leverage the newest version’s intuitive dashboard filtering options to create more customized dashboards in less time, or to personalize the dashboards created by the data and design professionals of MarketSight’s Dashboard Design Studio. Lastly, MarketSight 10.9 adds compatibility for SPSS’s Dimensions data format, adding to the wealth of data formats researchers can already use to upload data into MarketSight for analysis.  


Michael DeNitto, MarketSight’s Founder and CEO shared, “We’re very pleased with the number of useful new features in this latest release. Data visualization continues to be a major focus for us and this latest version of MarketSight delivers on that priority. From the Chart Wizard to the new Filter Panel to the many new chart types and options, we’re making it easier than ever to create rich, interactive, and highly engaging visuals that bring research data to life.”


About MarketSight

MarketSight offers a cloud-based data analysis and visualization platform and professional design services that empower researchers and data analysts to discover and share key insights within survey data to drive business decisions. MarketSight seamlessly integrates with all major survey platforms and data formats. It is an intuitive and robust reporting solution that offers the unique ability to easily collaborate with colleagues and enterprises anywhere in the world.


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