Our mission is to help researchers and data analysts easily analyze, visualize and share survey findings for business insights.

What We Do

We make data analysis, visualization, and reporting easy.

It is our goal to help make you more productive and save time. MarketSight’s intuitive interface can be used by anyone, regardless of experience.

We allow you to quickly move data between applications.

You use a variety of tools to get your jobs done. MarketSight works seamlessly across all major survey platforms and applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, SPSS and SAS.

We help you
find the story.

MarketSight automatically applies the correct statistical tests, generates new variables and prepares reports so you can spend more time on your analysis.

We make it simple and free to share key findings.

Presenting your results in a professional, polished format is what really gets the attention of colleagues and clients. MarketSight lets you share results online and offline, for free.

We give you instant access to all the latest product features.

No need to download and install software updates to get the latest and greatest MarketSight features. Our proven and secure, web-based commercial technologies are always at your fingertips.

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