Alternative to Q Research Software

Are you looking for an alternative to Q Research Software? MarketSight could be your answer, as it’s a fully-featured platform that supports the entire data analysis and visualization workflow from start to finish. The MarketSight platform includes tools for data editing & cleaning, custom variable creation, crosstab creation, automatic stat testing, charting, dashboards, and powerful collaboration features. It covers all aspects of analysis, charting, and dashboard design and hosting, so there’s no need to buy additional software to complete your work.

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Crosstabs and Stat Testing

MarketSight’s crosstab capabilities are very rich and easy to use, enabling users to analyze more than one variable at a time. The ability to nest more than one variable per column/row, work with grid variables, and edit a variable directly from the crosstab are just a few advantages MarketSight has over Q. Statistical significance tests are run and highlighted automatically for easy interpretation.


The most compelling reason to consider MarketSight as an alternative to Q Research Software is our data visualization capabilities. MarketSight offers intuitive dashboarding features so users can compile their insights in one convenient place, something the Q Research tool doesn’t have the ability to do. Dashboards can be created from scratch, or with professionally designed templates in the application. Designing a dashboard is easy:

  1. Determine the most important findings you want to share with your team
  2. Create the corresponding charts and crosstabs that highlight this information
  3. Drag and drop your crosstabs and charts onto a dashboard template
  4. Share with your audience securely - at no charge - on the MarketSight platform

Dashboards are connected to live data, so you can watch your insights update as data flows into MarketSight.

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MarketSight’s Dashboard Design Studio offers a full range of services, including graphic design, content strategy, data preparation, hosting, and more. MarketSight’s team of data and design experts can consult you on different phases of the data analysis process, or take your data and completely transform it into an engaging dashboard.

PowerPoint Export

MarketSight exports charts and dashboards as data-driven objects, so can you always view or edit the underlying data, even after it’s left the application. Users can also take advantage of ChartSync, a powerful tool that enables you to update offline charts that have been exported from MarketSight. Q Research exports are static images and need to be re-exported each time the data changes.

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Cloud Access

A distinguishing feature of MarketSight as an alternative to Q Research Software is that it is a cloud-based platform. Q is a desktop tool, which limits its functionality.

Benefits of MarketSight as a SaaS platform:

  • Accessible on any device from anywhere in the world
  • Fosters collaboration with colleagues and clients
  • Is integrated with many leading survey tools, such as Qualtrics, Confirmit, Google Surveys, and others
  • Ensures consistency and efficiency, with entire team working with the same data

Key Findings

MarketSight also enables one-click sharing through Key Findings, a secure, built-in portal, so you can easily share results with your internal team members or clients. Simply choose what data you want your client to be able to access and they can immediately view, interact, or export the findings. Key Findings can be customized with your logo and colors, creating a branded platform for publishing your findings.