We use Confirmit but we’re looking for an Alternative to Reportal

If you’re looking for more accessible and more flexible way to analyze, chart, and report on your survey results, you should consider using MarketSight as an Alternative to Reportal. MarketSight is designed to be easy for anyone to use and it works on all types of survey data – not just data coming from Confirmit.

MarketSight is very good solution for creating crosstabs, running stat tests, creating charts, and exporting everything to PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF – or sharing everything online in a secure portal.

Our clients who’ve switched from Reportal to MarketSight tell us this about MarketSight:

  • Easier to learn and use
  • Better integration with PowerPoint
  • Analyze data from any project – not just Confirmit data
  • Better statistical significance testing
  • Less expensive
  • Can be connected directly to Confirmit so data flows automatically into MarketSight