Many applications are available for Analytics, but most are hard to use and require extensive training and setup time. MarketSight is an excellent analytics and reporting platform because it is easy to use, offers powerful and flexible analytics and can meet your needs without investing in a lot of training and setup time.

MarketSight provides all of the components you need for data analytics under a single, integrated solution – even selecting the right statistical tests automatically.

MarketSight has quickly become an ideal platform for both experts and users with less statistics training, helping them turn around projects more quickly, and more cost effectively, than other analytics solutions.

MarketSight’s analytics and reporting software saves users time and money. MarketSight is significantly easier to learn than other solutions, featuring short online videos that guide users through all major functions. There are no software manuals to read and you don’t have to sit in a classroom to learn the application. MarketSight is really that easy.

MarketSight already includes many of the features that you would need to add to many base analytics platforms, like chart creation and statistics, providing greater value. MarketSight provides the right blend of analytics and reporting, at far less cost. Our Enterprise edition now offers interactive charts and dashboards – an excellent way to share information with colleagues and clients around the globe.

Common Questions about Analytics by MarketSight

What components does MarketSight Analytics include?
MarketSight provides all of the analytics tools you need to efficiently analyze your data. Within minutes, you can import a dataset, generate a crosstab, run stat tests and export charts to your final report in PowerPoint or Excel. Further, you can share crosstabs, charts and other data with colleagues and clients using Key Findings, or create Dashboards with interactive charts to engage the end consumer of your research (requires Enterprise edition).

Do I need to be a Statistics Expert to use Analytics?
Not at all. MarketSight actually selects the right statistical tests for you, so users without an extensive statistics background can use MarketSight just like stat experts. MarketSight will tell you the stat test that was used, along with the associated p-value, and can even print the statistical notation on your charts if you choose

Does the cost of MarketSight Analytics include training and updates?
Yes. MarketSight offers an extensive library of short videos, covering all aspects of the application, in addition to online help. We also schedule free training webinars throughout the month. As always, our support staff is readily available to answer your questions and help you get that first project off the ground. The annual subscription fee includes updates.

How easy is it to share crosstabs and charts with colleagues and clients?
MarketSight’s powerful analytics solution makes it very easy to share information with global teams. You can do this via Key Findings (which include free logins for non-MarketSight users) and with Interactive Charts & Dashboards if you have the Enterprise edition. Dashboards can even be made public and appear on your own website for better engagement and data visualization

My survey data is in Excel. Can I use that data format with MarketSight Analytics?
Yes. Almost all survey tools can output a dataset format supported by MarketSight, including Excel files. MarketSight can also import SPSS (.sav files), SAS, Triple-S and SurveyMonkey files too. We also have interfaces to some of the leading survey products and continually add to this list.

Analytics by MarketSight Offers Flexible Crosstab Design; Highlights Significance

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Analytics by MarketSight Offers Flexible Chart Options & Types

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