Analyze Google Surveys data with MarketSight

Because MarketSight is integrated with the Google Surveys platform, you can access your Google Surveys data directly from your MarketSight account. Simply click the link on the homepage of your MarketSight account to access your Google data in MarketSight (see the screenshot below). Once authorized by you, Google Surveys datasets will be visible in MarketSight. 

As data is loaded, MarketSight will automatically create crosstabs, charts, and dashboards. You can also design your own crosstabs, charts, and dashboards, and run statistical tests. You can use MarketSight to view and clean data, as well as to re-code and create new variables.

MarketSight is an excellent platform to share the results of your analysis of Google Surveys data. You can export charts to PowerPoint, Crosstabs to Excel, and share everything online using MarketSight’s FREE Key Findings feature. 

In a nutshell, MarketSight brings more comprehensive and robust analysis, visualization, and reporting to Google Surveys.

The screenshot below shows you how to get started if you already have a MarketSight account. If you don't yet have an account, sign up for a free trial today by clicking the button below!

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