Analyze SPSS

Do you have SPSS .sav files containing survey data that you need to analyze, but you don’t have SPSS? This is a very common problem. Many marketers and researchers end up with datasets from their research suppliers that they can’t even see because they don’t have an SPSS license. One of the best ways around that problem is to use MarketSight to read and analyze that data.

MarketSight subscription costs a fraction of an SPSS license, and MarketSight is much easier to use by more people in your organization. It’s very easy to slice and dice the data and automatically run statistical significance tests. Charting is simple and everything you create can be exported to PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, and even back to SPSS! Plus, MarketSight is web-based software, so everything is online in one convenient location for you and your colleagues and clients to share and collaborate on.

If you need to analyze SPSS data, but you don’t have SPSS, then MarketSight is the best solution. (Even if you do have SPSS, try MarketSight – we think you’ll switch. Thousands of others already have!)