Analyze Survey Data

To generate actionable insights for your team’s market research efforts, a powerful tool is needed to analyze survey data. You could run basic calculations provided by your survey tool, create multiple complicated formulas in an excel spreadsheet, or instead, use MarketSight’s powerful features to save you hours when analyzing data. The platform has direct plug-ins with leading survey tools, automatically selects and runs the right statistical tests, and enables you to easily make compelling visual representations of your insights.

Market Researchers and Data Analysts around the world choose MarketSight to analyze survey data because of its unique combination of simple functionality and advanced capabilities. You can do everything from quick calculations like median and mean, to running stat tests like ANOVA and Chi-square, to advanced techniques such as linear regression and cluster analysis.

analyze survey data

Beginning your data analysis is simple in MarketSight. In one click, you can select the dataset you want to upload, and MarketSight seamlessly brings the data in to begin the analysis. The platform integrates with all major survey platforms such as Google Surveys, CMIX, Confirmit, and Qualtrics, and accepts data in numerous file formats such as SPSS, Dimensions, Triple-S, SAS, Excel, and CSV.

Using one of the available integrations, your dataset can be automatically updated with the latest data, ensuring you don’t have to re-upload the dataset when additional information is added.

analyze survey

Editing variables for your analysis is a breeze. You can group and categorize variables for faster navigation in the data, edit the content of variables, and even combine or create new variables to analyze survey data. Statistical tests in MarketSight are performed in Crosstabs. When you select the variables you want to compare, MarketSight automatically runs statistical tests and highlights significant findings, so there’s no need to comb through the results to find what’s important.

analyze survey

The steps for creating a crosstab are simple. To create a Crosstab, all you need to do is select the variables you’d like to analyze by dragging them into the Crosstab rows and variables from your variable list. MarketSight then creates a crosstab with the variables you’ve chosen. It’s that easy.

MarketSight’s end-to-end solution can help you with every step of the process as you analyze survey data. Read more to learn about its capabilities in Data Cleaning, Crosstabs, Statistics, Charts, Dashboards, Advanced Analytics, and learn how MarketSight makes it easy to share everything via exports to PowerPoint and Excel, or via our secure online platform, Key Findings.