Analyze Survey Results

Once you’ve gathered your survey data, the next step is to analyze survey results. One of the best ways to do this is to create some crosstabs. MarketSight makes this process easy by providing a list of all of the questions from the survey that you simply drag and drop to define as the columns and rows of your crosstab.

MarketSight automatically selects the right statistical tests for you, so you don’t need to have any statistics expertise to analyze survey results in MarketSight.

When you view the crosstab, some cells will be highlighted. This means that MarketSight has found statistical significance for that group of respondents as it relates to other groups. That’s important, because it may be one of the key findings within the data. MarketSight can also tell you which statistical test was run, and the resulting p-value, to help you analyze survey results better.

Running additional crosstabs is just as easy. Once you’ve identified key findings within the data, you create charts and dashboards and share them all online or export them to Excel or a custom PowerPoint template to prepare your final report.

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Sample MarketSight Crosstab used to Analyze Survey Results

analyze survey results