Analyze SurveyMonkey® Data with MarketSight

If you’re looking for more powerful analytics to analyze SurveyMonkey® data, then MarketSight is a very good option. With MarketSight you can work directly with data exported from SurveyMonkey®. See this article to learn more about exporting files that MarketSight can accept.

Use MarketSight to analyze SurveyMonkey® data and get:

  • More flexibility when creating complex crosstabs
  • Automatic, intelligent statistical significance testing
  • The ability to create many charts and share them online or export to PowerPoint
  • Built-in Dashboard designer and hosting
  • The same ease-of-use and good value that SurveyMonkey® customers expect

Why not give it a try and see how you can get more out of your survey data by using a more advanced analytics and reporting platform?

Plus, use MarketSight on any dataset, regardless of how you collected the data.

*SurveyMonkey is a trademark of, LLC. MarketSight and its products and services are neither affiliated or associated with, nor endorsed, sponsored or otherwise authorized by, SurveyMonkey.