Analyze SurveyMonkey® Data with MarketSight

If you use SurveyMonkey® to create and run your surveys, MarketSight is an ideal tool to use to analyze SurveyMonkey® data. The analysis and reporting tools currently available in SurveyMonkey® are fine for basic analysis, but if you want to create richer crosstabs, run statistical tests, create and export charts to PowerPoint on your custom template, MarketSight is the best online application to analyze SurveyMonkey® data.

Using MarketSight is also very straightforward – unlike legacy software applications created decades ago for statisticians and researchers with advanced degrees. MarketSight has all the features you need, without the steep learning curve and steep price-tag of these traditional, software programs.

SurveyMonkey® Export Settings

surveymonkey analysis

Best of all for SurveyMonkey® users, MarketSight has a built-in reader for SurveyMonkey® data- so uploading data is simple takes just seconds. Once you’ve uploaded your data, you can start right away creating crosstabs, running statistical tests, building and exporting charts, and sharing your results with colleagues and client on MarketSight’s secure web platform.

Common Questions on Analyzing SurveyMonkey® Data

Will I need any experience using statistical software to analyze SurveyMonkey® data in MarketSight?
There’s no statistics or research experience required to analyze SurveyMonkey® data in MarketSight. Just upload your data and begin cross-tabulating the results. MarketSight handles all the statistics automatically so you can focus on analyzing the results and creating charts and tables to present your findings.

How easy is it to get my SurveyMonkey® data into MarketSight?
It’s a simple two-step process. First, export your data from SurveyMonkey® to your computer as a zip file. Then, from MarketSight, simply select the file on your computer and upload. MarketSight will automatically read the file and create a summary report of the data. You take it from there. Please see the screenshot below to see just how easy it is.

What are the steps to exporting my data from SurveyMonkey®?
Here’s what you need to do in SurveyMonkey®. Choose Download Reponses from the Analyze Results tab. Use the following settings for the export:

  • For Type of Download, choose: All Responses Collected
  • For format, choose Spreadsheet Format
  • For Columns, choose: Expanded
  • For Cells, choose: Actual Choice Text

Once the download of SurveyMonkey® data is complete, save the data to your disk, then upload the dataset to MarketSight.

Is there a limit to the number of surveys I can analyze in MarketSight?
No, there’s no limit. You can work with as many surveys as you want when you use MarketSight to analyze SurveyMonkey® data.

SurveyMonkey® already has some data analysis features. Why would I need anything else?
The features available in SurveyMonkey® are good, but they’re basic. If you need to conduct more rigorous analyses, run statistical tests to analyze SurveyMonkey® data, create more complex crosstabs, and export charts directly to PowerPoint, then you really need the additional features available in MarketSight.

I’m a professional Market Researcher and we use SurveyMonkey® for some of our surveys. We also run more complex surveys using other more advanced survey tools. We also get datasets from research partners that are in different formats – SPSS, Excel, for example. Can I use MarketSight to analyze data from ALL of those different datasets?
Absolutely. MarketSight works with all the leading market research data formats, including SPSS, SAS, Triple-S, Excel, and SurveyMonkey®. Once uploaded to MarketSight, all of these datasets can be analyzed and charted using the powerful MarketSight features.

How large can my datasets be?
All users can upload datasets of up to 30 million data points (respondents X questions). If you have bigger datasets than that, we have additional high capacity options, as well as dedicated server and on-premise installation options. Call us to learn more.

How many survey questions can I include in a crosstab?
There’s no real limit to the number of questions that can be included. There is a limit on the number of totals cells in a single crosstab – which is 200,000 cells, which is very large and unlikely to be exceeded. Of course, you can make as many crosstabs as you want, so you’ll never run out of space.

Can I export charts to my own PowerPoint template?
Yes. You can upload custom PowerPoint templates to MarketSight and select the one you want to use when exporting charts. The charts will be exported with all the specified items in that template, including background color & settings, fonts, headers, footers, copyright notices, logos, color palette, and all chart options specified in the template. You can store as many different templates to MarketSight as you want. You simply choose the template you want your charts exported to at the time of export. With this feature, you’ll be able to produce client-ready materials directly from MarketSight, without having to reformat your presentation after every export.

When exporting MarketSight charts to PowerPoint, is the data included with the chart, or just an image?
MarketSight exports both the chart and the data to PowerPoint, so you can edit the chart in PowerPoint if you need to. This is one of the many features that sets MarketSight apart from most other applications.

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