Analyzing Survey Results

When analyzing survey results, a crosstab is the best place to start looking at the relationship between variables in your data. MarketSight automatically selects the right statistical tests to use, so you don’t need a deep background in statistics in order to use the product. 

As you review the crosstab, you’ll notice that MarketSight highlights items that are statistically significant. Optionally, it may display the name of the stat test that was used and the associated p-value should you need that information. Other items, such as low cell count, are also important in analyzing survey results. This can be set to display as well.

You may drill down to respondent level data as you are analyzing survey results. Perhaps there is a satisfaction question and you’d like to review what was said, and then forward that information to the customer service department. All of this is easily accomplished with MarketSight.

Once you’ve reviewed the key points within the data, you’ll want to represent your findings visually for colleagues and clients. You can create interactive charts or dashboards, and share them online with anyone or export these items to a customized PowerPoint template to create a client-ready report.

MarketSight saves you significant time in analyzing survey results and it provides many reporting options to highlight the significant findings within the data.

Frequently asked questions about Analyzing Survey Results

Sample MarketSight Crosstab used to Analyze Survey Results

 survey charts