Visualizing survey results with charts

It's important to present your results in a compelling way that visually conveys the key findings. Charting survey results is often a time-consuming and tedious part of the analysis and reporting process for many market research projects.

MarketSight® makes it very easy to create all types of charts that can be instantly shared online or exported to PowerPoint and Excel on your custom templates, complete with the underlying source data.

charting survey responses
charting survey responses

Interactive charts are more engaging

Make charts interactive by giving other users control over the data shown. This creates a much more engaging way to explore the results.

Interactive controls let users select different variables and values to bring the data to life and enable a level of analysis that can be performed by anyone, regardless of expertise, yielding important new insights for the business.

Advanced charting features save time

MarketSight offers many advanced features to save you a great deal of time when creating and updating charts.

PowerPoint Templates that you create and store in MarketSight are used to export charts using your company's slide template and chart settings.

ChartSync lets you update offline charts, previously exported from MarketSight, when new data is added to a dataset.

Batch Charting enables the automatic creation of up to 100 charts at a time from a single crosstab.

Words Clouds convey a visual representation of textual data, making it even easier to communicate important information at a glance.

Learn about these advanced features by starting your free trial today!

charting survey responses


charting survey responses