Charting Survey Results with MarketSight

Once the analysis is complete and the stat tests are all run, it’s time to present your findings in a way that visually conveys the key findings. Charting Survey Results is often a time-consuming and tedious part of the analysis and reporting for many market research projects. It can be particularly challenging for large tracking studies with many charts that have regularly updated data but are essentially the same format.

MarketSight Bar Chart

Wouldn’t it be easier to create your charts once, export them whenever you want onto any one of several custom PowerPoint templates that you design, and refresh them all at once, automatically, whenever the data is updated?

We think that’s the way it should be done. With MarketSight, charting survey results is much easier than with any other analysis and reporting tool because your charts are all saved and you can export them directly, as native PowerPoint charts, to any PowerPoint template. You can upload as many templates as you want; you simply choose the template you want when you export your charts from MarketSight.

And, best of all, when you add new data to an existing dataset in MarketSight, as with a tracking study or the case where you have preliminary and final data, MarketSight automatically updates every crosstab and chart so all you need to do is click export to get a completely updated slide deck on your PowerPoint template.

You can also copy crosstabs and charts from one dataset to another to save time with analysis and reporting on datasets with common variables. Charting survey results doesn’t get any easier than that!

Common Questions about Charting Survey Results

When exporting charts from MarketSight is the data included with the chart or is it just an image file?
MarketSight provides both types of exports – both as an image file (.emf) and as native PowerPoint and Excel files.

What types of charts does MarketSight produce?
MarketSight can produce Bar Charts, Column Charts, Pie Charts, and Line Charts. It can produce stacked and clustered versions of these charts as well as 2D and 3D versions of these charts. Since MarketSight exports charts complete with the underlying data to PowerPoint and Excel, you can choose any additional chart types in those applications.

Can I export charts from MarketSight to PowerPoint?
Yes, MarketSight can export charts to PowerPoint ’97-’03 and PowerPoint 2007-2010.

Can I export MarketSight charts to Excel?
Yes, MarketSight exports charts to Excel ’97-’03 and Excel 2007-2010.

Can I upload and store PowerPoint Templates in MarketSight so I can export charts directly to my corporate template or my clients’ templates?
Absolutely. You can upload and store as many templates as you want in MarketSight. You simply choose the one you want when you’re exporting your charts and all the formatting in that template, including fonts, colors, logos, headers & footers, etc. plus all chart options will be applied to your new presentation.

Is there a limit to the number of charts that I can create in MarketSight?
There is no limit to the number of charts that can be created in MarketSight.