Cheap SPSS Software

If you’re looking for an easier and less expensive way to analyze your survey data, forget about finding Cheap SPSS software. You should know about MarketSight.

If your job involves analyzing survey results, join the thousands of other people just like you who have discovered that they just don’t need to pay high prices for traditional, hard-to-use tools in order effectively analyze survey data and present their results to clients.

Rather than searching for cheap SPSS software, they use MarketSight to cross-tabulate results, run stat tests, create stunning charts, and export those charts to their own custom PowerPoint templates in minutes – with little training, no expertise in statistics, and no software to install or maintain.

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Common Questions about MarketSight

Why does MarketSight offer better value than SPSS?

MarketSight is a 100% web-based product that offers a more cost-effective solution than SPSS, with all of the components you need under one platform, without the need for expensive add-on modules. With MarketSight, you can create crosstabs, find statistical significance, generate compelling charts and export those charts to Excel and PowerPoint under the same product platform. Plus, you can easily share crosstabs, charts and data with colleagues and clients online.

What data file formats does MarketSight support?

MarketSight supports a wide range of data files, including SPSS .sav files, SAS, Triple-S, SurveyMonkey and Excel formats. Virtually all survey platforms can output Excel files, so you can easily import the data into MarketSight for analysis. We also have tight integration with some of the leading survey tools, for seamless access to your survey results.

How are software updates handled?

Since MarketSight is a 100% web-based platform, all of your data, crosstabs and charts are maintained within MarketSight, rather than on your hard-drive. Software updates are automatically applied to your account, so there is no need to spend time downloading updates or worrying that you are using an old version. Whenever you login, you always have the latest software and features to use in your analysis and reporting.