Upload SPSS Uploading data Upload SPSS, Excel, SAS, or Triple-S files directly to MarketSight to begin analyzing survey results now. Use simple tools to edit raw data & create new variables.  Learn More
Crosstabs Create Rich Crosstabs Point and click to quickly create rich crosstabs with an intuitive display of statistical significance. Export to Excel, PDF, or share online. Create charts instantly from your crosstabs.   Learn More
Chart survey Chart your results Create stunning charts showcasing your results. Export to PowerPoint or Excel as native charts. Add interactive controls to let your colleagues and clients conduct further analysis online. Learn More
dashboards Interactive dashboards Combine multiple charts and crosstabs into a single view by using simple tools to create dashboards that update automatically as formatting and underlying data are updated.   Learn More
Automatic Statistical testing MarketSight automatically applies the correct statistical significance test when you run your crosstabs - no stats expertise is required to produce professional results.  Learn More
Key Findings Present Key Findings Every MarketSight Account includes free, secure access for your clients to view and interact with crosstabs, charts, and dashboards via Key Findings. Learn More