Crosstab Software

Analyze Data from any Survey with MarketSight's Crosstab Software

Crosstab software is used to analyze survey data. Crosstabs are essentially tables of numbers that allow you to compare responses to different survey questions by different groups of people. There are several different types of crosstab software from which to choose, ranging from the very simplest of tools included with many survey packages to traditional applications used by PhDs in research to conduct complex analyses for very specific purposes.

There are also several different installation options available for crosstab software, including tools that you install on your personal computer for your individual use; tools that sit on a server at your office that must be maintained and administered by your corporate IT Dept; and also tools that are available directly from the web that you access with a user ID and password that also enable you to share access and collaborate with other users.

The key is to find the right Crosstab Software for your specific needs. MarketSight is considered by many to have the best and most useful features of the more robust tools used by experienced market researchers with the ease-of-use and intuitive design of the more basic tools that can be used by anyone whose job involves analyzing and presenting results of surveys. In short, it’s the best of both worlds.

MarketSight is also very good at generating PowerPoint charts from your research data – all on your own custom PowerPoint template(s) that you can store in MarketSight. And best of all, no knowledge of statistics is required because MarketSight automates all stat testing and makes it incredibly easy to interpret and share the results. Finally, MarketSight is 100% web-based, giving your team and your clients, instant, global access to all of your data and all the MarketSight tools from any computer connected to the internet, 24x7.

Common Questions about Crosstabs

Do I really need Crosstab Software to analyze my surveys?
If you’re analyzing survey data and you want to make sure your findings are scientifically valid, then you need some type of crosstab software to help you do that work. There are several reasons why:

  • It’s not reasonable to attempt it by hand
  • You can easily make the wrong conclusions if you try to eyeball it
  • Excel is not specialized for survey research
  • You could use the simple tools that came with you survey tool, but they’re generally too basic and don’t provide that critical stat testing component.

MarketSight is really an excellent option because it is specialized to the task and has all the features most people need in an easy-to-use package and at a very affordable price.

MarketSight is easy to use – I get that. But is it suitable for more experienced users as well?
Yes. MarketSight is used by many of the top research firms in the world. It’s rich set of features, reliability, powerful statistical capabilities, and very convenient charting and export to PowerPoint make MarketSight the platform of choice for global research firms with both experienced and inexperienced researchers.

Can I also use MarketSight as a portal to publish results online?
Absolutely. That’s one of MarketSight’s major advantages over traditional desktop tools. As a web-based product, MarketSight is not only ideal for analysis and charting, but it’s also the delivery platform for sharing your research results. And best of all, your clients and colleagues can view your Key Findings for FREE!

I currently have to pay my crosstab software vendor to prep my datasets before they can be loaded into their tool. This often takes several days to be completed. Is this how MarketSight works or can I load the data myself?
With MarketSight, you upload the data directly to MarketSight yourself. MarketSight supports all the leading market research data formats including, SPSS, SAS, Excel, Triple-S, and SurveyMonkey. You never have to wait and you can do it all yourself.

Is there a limit to how many datasets I can upload to my MarketSight account?
There is no limit on the number of datasets you can upload to the MarketSight crosstab software. There are limits in place for the total amount of storage available with each account, but those limits are quite high and are rarely exceeded. If you ever need more space, the cost is very reasonable.

In addition to crosstabs, does MarketSight enable you to view response data?
Yes, all responses can be viewed in Data Tables. You can show some or all of the survey questions and you can include responses from some or all of the respondents. Data Tables can be created instantly by drilling down from a crosstab or they can be designed separately. Data Tables can also be exported directly to Excel.

How many users can I have in a single MarketSight Account?
There’s no limit to the number of user IDs you can purchase for a single account. Some clients have only one, whereas others have hundreds. It all depends on the size of your organization and the number of people who need to interact with your research data.

Can I set up separate accounts for my clients to access their data and reports?
Yes. That’s exactly how we recommend doing it – setting up unique accounts for each client where they can each see the data you’ve prepared for them and also interact with the data themselves in a secure online platform.

Does MarketSight support dates and times?

Does MarketSight offer technical support?
Yes, MarketSight provides technical support from 8:00am to 8:00pm Eastern, every business day.