MarketSight - a fast, secure and scalable survey analysis solution for market research

MarketSight® is an enterprise scale, Web-based survey analysis solution that is available as a hosted application and an on premises installation behind a corporate firewall. Download the technology datasheet

Performance and Scalability

MarketSight is a high performance application built on a highly scalable technology platform that includes:

  • Centralized, Web-based design that allows users to securely access research data and analyses over any Internet connection from anywhere aroud the globe

  • Efficient data storage and processing structure that promotes online collaboration with others by enabling multiple users to simultaneously access and analyze the same dataset and share results in real-time

  • Sophisticated data upload engine that identifies and flags invalid data while continuing to process remaining data so analysis of valid data can begin immediately

  • Asynchronous processing of tasks so you can continue working until queued task is completed

  • Supports all leading data formats including SPSS (.sav files), Excel, SAS and Triple-S

  • Standard system supports large datasets up to 1 gigabyte per data file, 150,000 respondents (rows) 10,000 data variables (columns) or a total of 30 million items (respondents x variables). Expansion options are available. On-premise installations can be configured to support larger data files.

  • Distributed, scalable server architecture that provides fast execution of complex calculations and enables MarketSight to scale to meet the needs of organizations of any size

Layered Security Features

MarketSight uses industry-standard security features that protect confidential data from theft, loss and unauthorized access.

Network Security MarketSight is hosted by INetU, a leader in managed hosting for 15 years. INetU is SOC 3compliant, provides TRUSTe EU Safe Harbor services and is a member of the PCI Security Standards Council, providing a safe and secure environment for the application and your data.
Authentication ASP.NET Forms Authentication: Forms-based authentication is available for both hosted and on premises deployments. Valid user name and password are required. Single sign-on capability can be implemented with the Enterprise edition.
Encryption Entire sessions are encrypted for confidential communication and data exchange at all times.
Access Control & Permissions MarketSight provides
  • Granular user data access controls
  • Multiple levels of permissions
  • Authorization for both individuals users and groups
  • Enforced security in multiple technical architecture layers
  • Separate logical storage is provided for each customer
  • All data stored centrally; No user data is stored in cookies
  • Sensitive data (such as passwords) are stored encrypted.


MarketSight architecture is based on Microsoft® .NET technologies, including ASP.NET. To run MarketSight, users will need:

  • One of the following Web Browsers:
    • Google Chrome
    • Internet Explorer Browser 6.0 or higher
    • Firefox 3.6.14 or higher
    • Safari 5.0 or higher (Mac only)
  • Microsoft Office 2000 or higher (for exporting charts and crosstabs to Excel® and PowerPoint®)
  • Adobe® Reader® 5.05 or higher (for viewing crosstabs exported to PDF format)
  • High-speed Internet connection (for optimum performance)

Contact us for more information about technology requirements for the MarketSight on premises installation.