Engaging, interactive crosstabs

Creating a crosstab, or cross-tabulating your results, is an essential part of the data analysis process. MarketSight makes it easy to create crosstabs by providing a simple, point-and-click interface anyone can use.

Crosstabs will help you discover important insights by methodically determining where there are statistically significant relationships among the variables in your dataset. Stat testing in MarketSight is automatic!

Create simple crosstabs comparing two variables, or more complex crosstabs with many variables in columns and rows. Editing variables can be done right from the crosstab designer. 

MarketSight offers many options and is easy to use

MarketSight offers many options for setting up crosstabs. You select the columns & rows, apply filters, choose calculations, sort results, set the number of decimal places, choose how you want statistical significance to be displayed, enable interactive controls for other users, and much more.

View our Crosstab tutorial video, begin a free trial, or call us today to speak to one of our experts to learn more about this powerful solution.

Sharing results

Once you've created crosstabs, there are several options for sharing your results. You can share a link to the item in MarketSight to collaborate with colleagues or clients. You can also export the crosstab to Excel.

MarketSight also enables you to instantly create charts to visually represent your crosstabs. You can then share the charts online or export to PowerPoint, complete with underlying data.

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