A MarketSight dashboard displays one or more graphics showing findings from your research data arranged on a single web page. The dashboard may contain charts, crosstabs or a mix of these elements, making a MarketSight dashboard an excellent, single information source to share data and results with a selected audience. Learn more about dashboards.

A MarketSight dashboard can be created and shared with clients very easily without any special training. We provide users with all the tools they need to create an engaging dashboard that highlights key findings and concepts for the intended audience. In contrast, some alternative dashboard solutions require that the software vendor design and maintain the dashboard, at considerable expense.

Your dashboard may also contain interactive charts, which allow the viewer to make changes to the chart to show different data, different breakdowns, and different filters, enabling them to run multiple scenarios and uncover new insights on the fly. Try this sample interactive dashboard.

Using our security framework, a dashboard can be restricted to specific colleagues, clients or opened up to the public. A public dashboard would not require the viewer to login or be a MarketSight user in order to see the dashboard.

Sample Dashboard - click on the image below to go to a live interactive dashboard:

Common Questions about a MarketSight Dashboard

Can we include charts from different data sources in the same dashboard?
Yes. One of the most powerful features of a dashboard is that charts and crosstabs can come from multiple datasets. When designing the dashboard, simply select a different dataset and then drag and drop the chart or crosstab to the dashboard canvas.