Dashboard Software

Dashboards Engage Your Audience

Creating compelling dashboards from your data is an excellent way to engage with your audience in a way that is visually engaging and allows users to interact with the data.

A dashboard is a web page containing one or more charts showing key results or findings related to a particular subject or business. Dashboards can be connected to live data that is automatically updated or based on a completed dataset. Dashboards are typically accessible on any internet-capable device, which provides a major advantage over traditional reports. Learn more about dashboards.

Done well, dashboards provide simple tools for viewers to actively explore the data in a way that is visual and interactive but doesn’t require any special training.

Sample Dashboard with Interactive Chart

Dashboard Software vs. Custom Dashboard Services

When considering how to incorporate dashboards into your offerings, you have a basic choice between creating dashboards yourself using dashboard software versus hiring a specialty consulting firm to build custom dashboards for you whenever the need arises.

We would argue that having a completely integrated system for analyzing data, creating crosstabs, running statistical tests, creating PowerPoint charts, and creating and publishing dashboards is the most efficient approach to analyzing and sharing research results with colleagues, clients or the public.

Hiring an outside firm that specializes in creating dashboards on a custom basis, will generally be much more expensive, take much more time, and will create a dependence on that firm for the life of each dashboard they create. Any revisions to these dashboards or their underlying data will incur additional time and expense too.

Dashboard Software Requirements

If you’re considering creating your own dashboards, we recommend that you make sure the dashboard software you choose meets the following requirements:

  • Easy to use with no special training required
  • Flexible enough to use to create custom dashboards for any dataset and any audience
  • Connected to live data that is automatically updated with new data
  • Accessible to other team members for collaboration
  • Accessible on any internet-capable device
  • Free for viewers of the dashboards

MarketSight Dashboards

MarketSight dashboard software meets this set of requirements more, making it a completely integrated solution for analysis and reporting. MarketSight enables you to create engaging interactive dashboards in just minutes. These dashboards can be shared with other MarketSight users and non-users, either on our web site or yours, absolutely free.

Creating a dashboard is a simple process. You simply drag a MarketSight chart or crosstab onto the canvas and select a few formatting options. From there you can share the dashboard with your audience. They’ll always be connected to the live dashboard, so as data is updated or as you make changes to the dashboard, all of your viewers will see your changes automatically.

Learn More About MarketSight’s Dashboard Software

The Dashboard Software is included with MarketSight’s Enterprise Edition, so if you’re already a customer, we encourage you to take advantage of this great feature.

If you’re not yet among MarketSight’s thousands of users, we invite you to learn about our dashboard software for yourself first-hand by signing up for a free 30-day trial of MarketSight. Use our sample data or upload your own data and do work on a current project.

Common Questions about MarketSight’s Dashboard Statistics

How does the dashboard software engage my audience?
Making use of different chart types and letting the viewer interact with the charts engages your audience in real-time. Key findings instantly standout and are quickly understood in this exciting visual format. You’ll get people to focus their attention on your results in this format rather than through a big report. With interactive charts, the viewer will be able to gain additional insights by changing the variable or filter and creating a new chart. Since the charts are tied to the data on a server, they are automatically updated whenever the data changes or when you change the dashboard.

Can the dashboard software include charts from different datasets?
Yes. Including charts or crosstabs from other datasets is as easy as dragging and dropping a chart onto the dashboard canvas.