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Using the right dashboard tools makes it easy to present research results to your team and clients. MarketSight’s dashboards provide a dynamic display of charts and graphs from your data on a single page, making them an excellent way to share survey results. Pulling together the right information with intuitive visual elements can help you draw conclusions about your data and help your colleagues quickly understand the insights you’ve uncovered.

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dashboard tools

To create a Dashboard in MarketSight, start by uploading your dataset from your desktop or through your integrated survey tool. Once your dataset is uploaded, you can begin creating Crosstabs by dragging variables into the Crosstab designer. MarketSight’s Crosstabs fuel the data analysis functions and chart creation in the platform. From the Crosstab designer, you’ll see the option to create a chart directly from the Crosstab. Depending on the type of data in the Crosstab, you’ll have the option to create column charts, bar charts, line graphs, pie charts, doughnut charts, and other chart types. Proceed to the Dashboard tab to begin creating your Dashboard. You can start with one of many pre-designed templates, and easily incorporate your charts, graphs, word clouds, or other items into the Dashboard.

The best dashboards are visual, dynamic, interactive, and online. Let’s talk about each of those features:


MarketSight’s dashboard capabilities allow viewers to absorb large amounts of information in the easiest way possible – visually. Bringing together charts and images that highlight the most important data points saves your clients and colleagues the time-consuming process of having to read a report or look through several spreadsheets. They can glance at a dashboard, and in seconds, take away the most important results that are relevant to them. These visual data sharing tools are becoming increasingly popular as research teams and executives seek the fastest and simplest ways to share information.

MarketSight’s dashboard tools give you the flexibility to create a custom layout of the charts and graphs you want to share. They provide professionally designed templates in various orientations for viewing on different devices, letting you drag and drop items as needed to create the best visual representation of your insights. MarketSight also gives you the ability to further configure a dashboard after it’s been made to show even more specific information. This can mean displaying only certain variables, swapping different charts in and out, or adding tabs with additional charts and graphs.


Our dashboards go beyond a collection of static images; they continuously update the information in the charts and graphs. This is made possible by feeding data directly from the survey tool to the dashboard through our powerful APIs. If you plan on using a dashboard for a long-term project or survey, the API enabled DataSync capabilities will ensure that your clients and team members always see the latest insights.


Filter out items that won’t be of interest, or view data that’s specific to one geographic area to study a particular region. MarketSight’s dashboard tools allow for a high degree of interactivity.

dashboard tools


Sharing insights is an essential stage of every research project. Being cloud-based, our dashboard tools make it easy to share your dashboard online. Simply point clients or colleagues with viewing permissions to the file or folder where your dashboard lives, and they’ll instantly have access. MarketSight provides an unlimited number of read-only users to gain access to your dashboards online, for free. Since all MarketSight dashboards live online, they stay synced with your survey data and always display the most up-to-date information. Additionally, you’ll be able to view and edit the dashboard, or update permission settings from any internet connected device.