Ensure up-to-date charts and dashboards

DataSync connects your survey tool directly to MarketSight’s analysis and reporting platform, automatically loading data and updating charts and dashboards with new survey data, so you’ll always have timely feedback on survey results.

DataSync saves you a complete step in the analysis process -- eliminating the need to export data and import it into MarketSight. Everything is done for you automatically, without the need to log in to your survey tool or MarketSight to initiate the data transfer. DataSync makes it all seamless so that you can spend more of your time on analysis and collaboration with colleagues and clients. Download the DataSync brochure to learn more.

Easy Setup

Setting up DataSync takes only a few minutes. You simply choose the survey tool, enter the project name, and decide whether to sync all responses or only new responses - that’s all there is to it. If you are a more advanced user, there are more detailed options to further refine the sync process. No programming needed.

Updates data in MarketSight Automatically

Once DataSync is set up, survey data will automatically flow from your survey tool at regular intervals, with no user involvement. MarketSight will automatically update all crosstabs, charts and dashboards with the new data. Every time you access MarketSight, it will always have the most recent data available for you and your clients. DataSync is ideal for tracking studies and ongoing surveys, and it eliminates the need to export data from your survey tool and import it into MarketSight - saving time and reducing errors.

Sync Schedule

DataSync’s update frequency is determined by the size of the survey dataset. Smaller datasets are updated frequently, while large datasets are updated once per day.

Supported Survey Tools

DataSync currently supports automated integration with Confirmit and Qualtrics. We'll be integrating DataSync with many other survey tools throughout the coming year. Ask your Account Manager if your survey tool is on the list.

DataSync is an additional option for the Enterprise version of MarketSight.