Exporting results

Dynamic PowerPoint reports

Once analysis is complete, take your survey results out of the cloud, and into your team's reporting cycle. Easily export your online charts as native, data-driven PowerPoint presentations, Excel documents, or beautiful high-res images.

With MarketSight's® customizable charting features, you can match PowerPoint exports with your company's marketing scheme and design requirements. Every MarketSight chart can be exported with your company's logo and corporate color profile, or a unique export template for each client you serve. The same report can easily be exported from MarketSight using multiple design layouts.

MarketSight makes it easy to prepare an entire PowerPoint deck with multiple charts in one batch export. Save time designing slides, and spend more time answering questions.

export data analysis
export data analysis

ChartSync: Automatic offline updating

After adding new data to a project, MarketSight's PowerPoint ChartSync feature avoids the need to re-export updated versions of your reports. MarketSight can automatically update offline PowerPoint files with refreshed data from your project.

Each chart export is embedded with a unique code. ChartSync will match the updated data in your MarketSight project with the charts in a PowerPoint deck on your hard drive. ChartSync will update the underlying data table, and upon reopen, your chart will reflect the latest datapoints. Refresh dozens of reports on your company's network in bulk to ensure everyone is up to date.

Exporting crosstabs to Excel and PowerPoint

Bring the power of MarketSight's sophisticated statistical algorithms into your Excel and PowerPoint reports. MarketSight's crosstab designer provides flexible control over your table's layout, and how significance is determined. Enhance your Excel reporting with results from MarketSight's statistics engine.

Test results and p-values are embedded as cell comments in your Excel exports for precise reporting. Statistical significance call-outs are identified with elegant cell-shading, and confidence levels are denoted in crosstab headers. Use MarketSight crosstab exports as the raw data for Excel-based reports.

export data analysis