Free Dashboard

If you’re looking for a free dashboard, MarketSight may be an option. MarketSight is a complete data analysis and reporting platform that includes a powerful dashboard feature. With MarketSight, you can create an unlimited number of dashboards and share them with other MarketSight users and non-users absolutely free. You pay for a subscription to the software that enables you to create dashboards, but access for viewers of those dashboards is free.

A dashboard is a collection of charts arranged on a single web page, providing a summary of important findings relating to a particular subject. Dashboards are connected to live data and are automatically updated in real-time, or based on a completed survey project. Dashboards can be accessed on any internet-capable device anytime and anywhere. Learn more about MarketSight Dashboards.

A free dashboard provided by MarketSight can be restricted to colleagues, clients or it may be opened up and published as a free dashboard to the public.

Whether restricted or made public, a free dashboard may also contain interactive charts, which allow the viewer to change the parameters of the data, including different variables and filters, to create new dynamic charts and view the data in different ways.

There are many options for designing a free dashboard, including control over the dimensions of the dashboard, dashboard background color, chart background color, size of the charts, border widths and colors and other items to achieve the desired look for the free dashboard.

A MarketSight free dashboard offers a range of chart types, including interactive charts as shown

Common Questions about MarketSight’s Free Dashboard

How is a free dashboard provided to the public?
A public dashboard can be viewed with a web browser by anyone. They may access the free dashboard from a link on your website or from a url link provided in an email. The viewer does not need to login to MarketSight, nor do they need a user license.

Can I update a free dashboard once created?
Yes. MarketSight users may change or update the dashboard as often as needed. Many alternative solutions must custom code their dashboards, so this capability is a distinct MarketSight advantage.

Can I brand the free dashboard with my corporate colors?
Yes. Dashboard creation parameters include the dimensions of the dashboard, dashboard title, and color parameters such as background color for the dashboard, as well as background color for the charts. The colors in the charts themselves may also reflect your desired color scheme when the chart is created in MarketSight initially.