Free Dashboard Software

At MarketSight, we think viewing and interacting with dashboards should be free. So, if you’re looking for free dashboard software for your clients to view rich interactive dashboards, MarketSight is an option you should consider. Here’s how our pricing works: you pay for access to the tools to analyze data, create charts, and build as many great dashboards as you want, working with as many datasets as you want, and, at no extra charge, you can make those dashboards available for viewing by as many users as you want. That’s what we mean by free dashboard software.

Using our free dashboard software, you can publish dashboards that are completely customizable for any dataset, including many different layout and formatting options, and even the ability to make charts interactive, allowing the viewer to use simple drop-down controls to modify the chart in real-time, choosing different variables and filters to explore the data and uncover new insights on their own. Learn more about dashboards.

Common Questions about MarketSight’s Free Dashboard Software

How does the free dashboard software publish to the public?
When the dashboard is set up, the dashboard creator simply checks off the public option under a permissions and sharing tab. The public dashboard can then be viewed from a link on a website or from a direct url link provided in an email. Note that the viewer does not need to login to MarketSight, nor do they need a user license.

Do my dashboards have to be public in order for me to use the free dashboard software?
No. You can create free dashboards that are accessible only by specific people. You simply create a user ID for each person who should have access and then set the appropriate permissions. These user IDs are free and you can set them up yourself in MarketSight.

Can I create more than one dashboard with the free dashboard software?
Yes. MarketSight allows the dashboard creator to select charts and crosstabs created within MarketSight for use in multiple dashboards than reflect one or multiple datasets.