How to Report Survey Results

Once you have collected your survey data, the next step is to report survey results. MarketSight provides many options to highlight important findings and report on them.

One way is to create interactive charts. You can choose from a wide range of chart types. Within minutes, you can create one or multiple charts using our batch charting feature. Charts help bring the data to life and help illustrate the most important findings within the data.

What else can you do to report survey results? You can create a dashboard that contains multiple charts, and even crosstabs, on a single page. Dashboards can be easily shared with colleagues and clients online.

The most popular answer to “How to report survey results” is to create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes all of the key findings within the data. With MarketSight, you can export charts and dashboards directly to a custom PowerPoint template to provide a branded, client-ready deliverable that reflects your company’s logo, colors and design. Just add comments and recommendations.

How to report survey results? MarketSight is an excellent option for you to consider.

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Sample MarketSight Crosstab used to Analyze Survey Results

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