Newton, MA (July 31, 2017)

MarketSight Expands U.S. Team with Key Hires in Sales & Marketing

Expanding its capacity to serve clients in Market Research and Corporate markets

Building on the momentum following their acquisition by Reimagine Holdings Group, MarketSight LLC has made a significant push to accelerate growth with several key new hires.

Rob Calcagni, Vice President of Sales, joins MarketSight with over 20 years of experience in the market research industry. He’ll be focused on establishing and growing MarketSight’s largest client relationships. Rob will be working with large market research firms and client-side research teams to drive adoption of the MarketSight data analysis, visualization, and reporting platform at the enterprise level. In addition to leading the company’s efforts in the field with current and prospective clients, Rob will play a key role as part of the MarketSight management team.

Amy Saint-Onge, Senior Designer, brings extensive knowledge of user interface and interactive design to the MarketSight team. She will be leading the company’s efforts in two key areas: enhancing and extending the MarketSight user interface, with a particular focus on data visualization; and working directly with clients to design and develop custom dashboards. As technology continues to evolve, Amy will have a significant role in developing the innovative solutions that MarketSight offers its customers.

Marketing Manager Marcus Woodard and Marketing Assistant Cassie Packer join MarketSight to continue building strong relationships with customers through communications initiatives and building brand awareness within the market research community. They will focus their marketing efforts on sharing MarketSight’s rich value proposition across the global market research community.

“We’re very excited to add such a wealth of experience and talent to our rapidly growing team. This expansion of our Sales and Marketing teams will enable us to strengthen our relationships with existing clients and accelerate our growth with new clients. Our growing Design team will also enable us to continue to provide customers with the most intuitive analytics tools for market researchers,” said MarketSight CEO, Michael DeNitto. "I look forward to working closely with Rob, Amy, Marcus, and Cassie to tap their creativity, talents, and hard work on behalf of our innovative clients in the research industry!"

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