Newton, MA (June 21, 2017)

MarketSight Introduces R Capabilities

Addition incorporates extensive capabilities of R, giving MarketSight users new, advanced analytics features.

MarketSight, a global data reporting and analytics software company, announced today that it has adopted R, a widely-used, open-source language and environment for statistical computing and graphics, within the secure MarketSight data reporting and visualization application.

The integration of R within the MarketSight application expands the product’s advanced analytic capabilities, making it possible for users to run any type of R script and easily view results. New, advanced analytics features include Linear Regression and Correlation, with additional features being added during the next several months. Results from R scripts and these new features can be viewed online, exported to excel and as images for offline use.

MarketSight has an impressive customer base and is compatible with all major survey platforms, including Google Surveys, Qualtrics, Confirmit, Survey Monkey, and across all common data formats, SPSS, SAS, PDF, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, and Triple-S. The company is dedicated to helping researchers and data analysts easily create, explore and share survey key findings for business insights.

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MarketSight is a cloud-based data reporting and analytics software platform that empowers researchers and data analysts to discover key insights within survey data to drive business decisions. MarketSight seamlessly integrates with all major survey platforms and data formats. It is an intuitive, yet robust reporting tool that offers the unique ability to easily collaborate with colleagues and enterprises anywhere in the world. Learn more at

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