Newton, MA (JANUARY 23, 2018)

MarketSight Adds Dashboard Templates and In-App Guided Tours in Version 10.8

MarketSight, a data analytics and visualization software company, has released the newest version of its powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for market researchers. With the addition of professionally designed dashboard templates, offered in various orientations for viewing on multiple devices, and several key improvements to charts, it’s easier than ever for researchers to create and share compelling visuals on the MarketSight platform.

Also new in this latest release, MarketSight 10.8 now offers in-app Guided Tours to provide interactive tutorials that teach new users the fundamentals of MarketSight. With Guided Tours, users can follow the workflow from start to finish with contextual help and tips as they use the application.


A main focus of this release was on enhancing MarketSight’s data visualization capabilities. In addition to the dashboard templates, MarketSight 10.8 also enables the creation of dashboards with multiple pages, providing additional depth and organization to this feature. Also added were several important new options in charting such as the ability to assign specific colors to each data point in a chart, automatic filtering to show only the top n values of a particular variable, and a new dark mode setting, which allows the design to be legible on dashboards with dark backgrounds. Finally, MarketSight 10.8 includes a redesign of the homepage and main feature pages for a more modern feel.


“We’re very proud of this latest release,” says Michael DeNitto, MarketSight Founder & CEO. “MarketSight has always differentiated itself with its intuitive design and ease of use, both for inexperienced analysts and seasoned professionals. With any new software however, there’s always a learning curve, and we’ve just made that learning process a lot easier with our new Guided Tours feature, which walks users through each feature, step-by-step, within the application. It’s a great new addition to the product.”

“We’re also really excited to offer a fantastic set of beautifully designed dashboard templates, which make it very easy to create great-looking dashboards in minutes, without having to design them yourself. Early user feedback on both of these features has been very positive.”


About MarketSight
MarketSight is a cloud-based data analysis and visualization platform that empowers researchers and data analysts to discover key insights within survey data to drive business decisions. MarketSight seamlessly integrates with all major survey platforms and data formats. It is an intuitive and robust reporting solution that offers the unique ability to easily collaborate with colleagues and enterprises anywhere in the world.


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