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MarketSight Partners

MarketSight works with a diverse group of partners to provide industry-leading business solutions to the market. Through effective collaboration with leading technology and service providers in the field, we help our clients grow and differentiate their businesses by improving their ability to meet their customers' needs. With our Market Research Solution Partners, we have integrated MarketSight with some of the leading solution providers in the Market Research Industry. Our Infrastructure Technology Partners play a critical role in delivering and providing some of the key components in our products and services. We are always seeking new partnerships to enhance our ability to meet the needs of our clients. If your company is interested in joining the MarketSight Partner Program, please let us know how you think we can work together.
  • Technology Partners


    MarketSight users can connect their MarketSight and Google Consumer Surveys accounts and instantly view and analyze the data from their completed surveys using the MarketSight platform. Current Google Consumer Surveys users can now take advantage of MarketSight’s acclaimed solution for creating rich crosstabs, performing statistical tests, creating interactive charts and dashboards, and sharing results online.


  • Survox (formerly CfMC) provides multi-mode survey software and services for industrious researchers. Survox has been an integral part of marketing research for over 45 years and continues to push CATI, Web and Tabulation technologies further with each release. The powerful Survox Survent language in any mode (webSurvent, webCATI®, IVR) delivers the ability to survey anyone on the planet with a single study. Survox's Navigator interface can be used to manage all aspects of surveys - from questionnaire creation to reporting results - and has recently been enhanced with new data visualization options. Datasheet
  • Ascribe offers full service coding, translation, and transcription of your surveys. Verbatim responses in any survey uploaded to MarketSight for analysis can be coded quickly, accurately, and efficiently by the experts at Ascribe.
  • E-Tabs automates the production of charts, graphs, and summary reports directly from research data. MarketSight users can export cross-tabs directly to E-Tabs for automating production of charts.
  • Research Reporter is the leading platform used to transform research into a source of competitive advantage. Used by Corporate Research Teams around the globe, Research Reporter provides an integrated approach to putting market research at the heart of decision-making, improving the quality and efficiency of the research process, and pro-actively managing research resources. With this integrated offering, Research Reporter users can access MarketSight charts and crosstabs without ever leaving the Research Reporter platform, resulting in significant increases in productivity.
  • WorldAPP is a provider of web-based data collection solutions that enable enterprises to collect, manage and leverage data flows. WorldAPP is ranked by the Inc. 5000 as a global leader among its peers in the software industry. WorldAPP delivers innovative, scalable, and extensible solutions to empower our customers to dynamically collect, manage, and leverage data to solve their most critical business problems.
  • Market Research Partners

    AFG Research is an independent, full-service market research, data mining, statistical analysis and consulting organization that develops and applies advanced research and data analysis methodologies to a wide array of marketing and business problems for consumer and B-to-B companies.
  • Beta Research is a family-owned, full service provider of custom research, that helps organizations make smarter strategic choices. Beta Research was founded in 1970, and has offices in New York, Boston and Washington D.C. Our experienced employees use a range of methodologies – quantitative and qualitative, traditional and cutting-edge – to obtain information our clients need when making key decisions. Beta Research is a certified woman-owned business with a demonstrated commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Beta Research conducts consumer and business-to-business research, with special expertise in healthcare/pharmaceutical, media and consumer products. Studies typically include concept, branding, packaging, product, attitude and usage, advertising, tracking and panel development.
  • We are a leading healthcare market research company, offering a unique spectrum of quantitative and qualitative, custom and syndicated market research services to support the business needs of the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device markets. Our complete portfolio of syndicated products and custom research services provide our clients with actionable intelligence from the hospital and office settings.
  • MetaFacts is a leading provider of information and telecommunication industry research results, helping technology marketers to find and measure their best and future customers. Its syndicated survey-based Technology User Profile (TUP) service, now in its 30th year, uses solid methods to deliver quick, customized answers to support key decisions.
  • SourceMedia, an Investcorp company, is a leading provider of timely and essential news, analysis, research, data and insights for members of the financial services community, and related fields in professional services and technology. SourceMedia offers its clients and subscribers publications and online information services, industry-standard data applications and in-depth seminars and conferences.
  • Feedback Systems, Inc. is a forward-thinking market research firm providing affordable science-based research services to businesses, associations, government and consulting practices. Feedback Systems, Inc. helps clients increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, develop growth strategies, and identify customer-centric improvements to decrease cost and increase revenue. Feedback Systems, Inc. core competency is in determining which data collection method is most effective, designing objective-oriented surveys, executing programs for best response/measurement, and performing insightful data analysis and benchmark reporting leveraging the MarketSight platform.