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paid annually

Also available: €139/month paid monthly

Includes all core features
Free access to Key Findings™
Read-Only Subscription available
1GB data storage per user per year

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  • Work with SPSS, Excel, SAS, CSV
  • Work with SurveyMonkey & Triple-S data
  • Crosstabs
  • Automated Stat Testing
  • Online Charting
  • Respondent Data Tables
  • Export to Excel, PowerPoint & PDF
  • Create User-Defined Variables
  • Online Training
  • Related Files: Upload & share any file
  • Key Findings
  • Data Storage Per User (2 GB)
  • Technical Support (Email & Phone)
  • Custom Private Training (Optional)
  • Data Preparation Services (Optional)



paid annually

Also available: €169/month paid monthly

Includes all professional features
Full access to all the major features
Customization & Integration options
2GB data storage per user per year

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  • Work with SPSS, Excel, SAS, CSV
  • Work with SurveyMonkey & Triple-S data
  • Crosstabs
  • Correlation
  • Linear Regression
  • Automated Stat Testing
  • Online Charting
  • Respondent Data Tables
  • Export to Excel, PowerPoint & PDF
  • Create User-Defined Variables
  • Online Training
  • Key Findings
  • PowerPoint ChartSync
  • Interactive Crosstabs
  • Interactive Charts
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Run any R Script
  • Co-Branding & Custom URL**
  • Single-Sign-On API
  • Automatic Data Upload API
  • Remote Report API
  • DataSync (Additional Fee Required)
  • Data Editing
  • Data Storage Per User (2 GB)
  • Technical Support (Email & Phone)

(paid annually)
(paid annually)


Upload Datasets Check Check
Support for SPSS, Excel, CSV, SAS, Triple-S Data Formats Check Check
Move and Copy Datasets Check Check
Permission-Based Access Control Check Check
Append New Variables and Respondents to Existing Datasets Check Check
Create Automated Reports Check Check
Export Datasets to SPSS Check Check
Dynamic Data Filtering Based on User Roles
DataSync Feature for Connecting MarketSight to Your Survey Tool
Respondents 150,000 200,000
Variables 10,000 10,000
Data points 30 million 50 million
Data set capacity Check Upgrades available


Create New Variables to Recode or Combine Uploaded Variables Check Check
View Summary Statistics Check Check
Edit Uploaded Variables Check Check
Import User-Defined Variables Check Check
Support for Mulitple Response Variables Check Check
Create Weighting Variables Check Check


Drag and Drop Interface Check Check
Nesting Columns Check Check
Apply Global and Variable-level Weighting Check Check
Indexing Check Check
Automatic Statistical Significance Testing Check Check
Filters Check Check
Sorting Check Check
Sample Size Check Check
Mean Check Check
Median Check Check
Standard Deviation Check Check
Min Check Check
Max Check Check
Sum Check Check
Count Check Check
Column % Check Check
Row % Check Check
Top and Bottom Box Check Check
Net Promoter Score Check Check
Export to Excel & PDF Check Check
Import Crosstabs from Other Datasets Check Check
Share Online via KeyFindings, URL, or Email a Link Check Check
Grid Question Support Check Check
Effective Base Check Check
Interactive Controls for Dynamic Viewing
Custom Excel Export Formats


Bar Check Check
Column Check Check
Line Check Check
Pie Check Check
Donut Check Check
Radar Check Check
Scatterplot Check Check
Gauge Check Check
Linear/Horizontal Gauge Check Check
KPI Check Check
Word Cloud Check Check
Export Charts to Excel & Image File Format Check Check
Export Charts to PowerPoint Check Check
Apply Custom Templates to PowerPoint Exports Check Check
Custom Color by Value Check Check
Share Online via Key Findings™, URL, or Email a Link Check Check
Batch Charting Check Check
Interactive Controls for Dynamic Viewing
PowerPoint ChartSync


Incorporate MarketSight Charts, Crosstabs, and Data Views
Flexible Design
Drag and Drop Interface
Professionally Designed Templates
Design Your Own Templates
Multi-Page Dashboards
Global and Item-Level Filtering
Interactive Controls for Read-Only Users
Include Images
Include Text
Export to PowerPoint
Share Online via Key Findings™, URL, or Email a Link
Embed on External Website

Data Views

View Response-Level Data Check Check
View Text Data Check Check
Filters Check Check
Set User Permissions Check Check
Export Data Views to Excel Check Check
Full Data-Editing Capabilities

Advanced Analytics

Linear Regression
Ordered Logistic Regression
Logistic Regression
K-means Clustering
Factor Analysis
Run Custom R Scripts

Key Findings™

Create Free Key Findings™ Users Check Check
Permissions-Controlled Access Check Check
Publish a Chart, Crosstab, Dashboard, etc. to Key Findings™ Check Check

Related Files

Upload any file for storage in MarketSight Check Check
Share Related Files in Key Findings™ Check Check

Customer Support

Email & Phone Support: 8am - 8pm EST Check Check


Online Training within MarketSight Check Check
In-product Guided Tours Check Check
Private, 1-hour web-based Training Session $495/session Check
Half-day Onsite Training Session (plus expenses) $1995/session $1995/session

Data Storage

Data Storage per Full-Access User 1 GB 2 GB
Additional Data Storage Fee per Year $9/GB/month (paid annually) $9/GB/month (paid annually)

Data Preparation / Restoration Services

Data cleaning, preparation, & upload $95/hour $95/hour
Dataset Restoration (available within 24 hours of deletion) $500/dataset $500/dataset

Installation Options

Hosted in MarketSight Data Center Check Check
Hosted in MarketSight Data Center - Dedicated Hardware
Hosted On-Premise by Client

Customization Options

Custom Branding & URL $995/site/year Included with 5-user subscription
Customized Excel Export
Custom Feature Development

Integration Options

Access to APIs for Single Sign-On, Automatic Data Upload, Remote Access, Custom Interface Development

High Capacity Options

Large capacity account, containing the ability to upload datasets within the following parameters:

High Capacity Level 1

– Respondent Limit: 300,000 –
– Variable Limit: 15,000 –
– Data Point Limit: 100 Million –

High Capacity Level 2

Respondent Limit: 400,000 –
– Variable Limit: 20,000 –
– Data Point Limit: 250 Million –

High Capacity Level 3

– Respondent Limit: 500,000 –
– Variable Limit: 25,000 –
– Data Point Limit: 400 Million –

Easy data uploads

Just click to upload any type of survey data, including all major formats, SPSS, SAS, Excel and Triple-S files. Or upload automatically using our DataSync feature or APIs.

Direct dataset editing

Clean, edit or create new variables right within the dataset. A powerful, time-saving feature that you control, so you’ll never need to worry about unauthorized changes to your data.

Rich crosstabs

Simple point and click to set up columns and rows, apply filters, compare variables, choose calculations, sort results and more. Robust for the hard-core analysts, but easy enough for a novice.

Automated stat testing

Find out statistical significance without doing a thing. Our automated stat testing is built right into your reports. You can spend more time analyzing results and identifying what matters.

Attractive charts & graphs

Easily create useful charts and visually convey key findings. You’re in control what data you want to explore. Best part, MarketSight automatically updates your charts when new datasets are added.

Easy export to PowerPoint & Excel

Save time by instantly exporting your charts and graphs into PowerPoint and Excel. Use your company’s custom templates and work with native PowerPoint files for super easy editing.

Interactive dashboards

Engage in the findings with real-time, interactive dashboards that visually display a collection of data results together for easier analysis. Access on any device and share with anyone.

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Each subscription includes hosting, customer service, and interactive training built right into the product. In addition, we can provide custom training programs for your organization - delivered either on-site or via web conference. Ask us and we'll be happy to provide details. Please speak with an Account Representative to learn more.

Many of our clients also customize the look and feel of the MarketSight application - with their logo and a custom URL - the perfect option for sharing research results with clients.

We encourage you to sign up for a 30-day FREE TRIAL to experience MarketSight first-hand. Since MarketSight is 100% web-based, signing up and getting access takes just minutes. When you're ready to purchase, simply call an account executive at 617-582-3800 or toll-free at 866-622-2763. You can also email our sales team at Ordering is simple and takes just a few minutes.

Academic license available for professors and students at accredited universities. Proof of status required. Contact our sales team at for assistance

Enterprise Subscription: Full feature-set, including Dashboards, Advanced Analytics, Role-based views, Interactive Controls, PowerPoint ChartSync, and Data-Editing

Professional Subscription: Includes all basic MarketSight functionality plus Free Access to Key Findings™, Read-only subscriptions, and native PowerPoint chart exports

Academic Subscription: Basic MarketSight functionality, including Online Training, Free Data Center Hosting, and support for numerous data formats

Language Options: The MarketSight application is offered in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German

DataSync: Connect directly to your survey provider for real-time, automatic data refreshes. Compatibility includes CMIX, Qualtrics, Confirmit, and Google Surveys. Included with Enterprise Subscriptions

Extra Storage: Add extra storage, in 1 GB increments to your subscription

Custom Logo & URL: Customize the look-and-feel of your MarketSight platform to match your company's branding. Update the primary colors of MarketSight, apply your corporate logo, and customize the log-in URL for your users. Note: Customization package is included with 5 Enterprise licenses, or can be purchased at an annual fee. Not available for Monthly subscriptions

Web-based Training: Private one-hour training session with a MarketSight product expert. Complimentary session provided for new Enterprise customers

On Site Training: Personalized half-day training session with a MarketSight product expert at your facility. Intensive training options designed to meet your needs

Data Preparation: Data cleaning and manipulation services by a MarketSight product expert, availalbe at hourly rate

Dataset Restoration: Restore deleted datasets within 24 hours of dataset deletion