Reporting Survey Results

MarketSight is an online software application for reporting survey results to colleagues and clients.

MarketSight is used by thousands of researchers and analysts around the world to generate crosstabs to see the relationship between variables within the data. MarketSight will automatically highlight statistical significance, effectively pointing out key areas within the data. You can then share a crosstab with others by sending a link to a saved crosstab.

Another approach to reporting survey results is to visualize key findings in the form of interactive charts and dashboards. Create charts to highlight important points and then send a link to let others view those charts. Better yet, create a dashboard, which can contain multiple charts or crosstabs on a single page. This would allow you to show results in a single place, and show data from different datasets, reporting survey results for different products, waves or trending.

Spending time reporting survey results is just as important as the effort you spent up front designing your survey and collecting survey responses. You’ll want to make sure that you clearly articulate what the survey found. The best ways to do that are through MarketSight crosstabs, interactive charts and dashboards.

You can also export your charts and dashboards to a custom PowerPoint template to make a final report.

Frequently asked questions about Reporting Survey Results

Sample MarketSight Crosstab used to Analyze Survey Results

 survey charts