MarketSight is considered by many analysts to be a superior alternative to SPSS. MarketSight has several major advantages over SPSS:

  • It’s easier to learn and use than SPSS
  • It’s less expensive than SPSS
  • Stat testing is automatic
  • MarketSight 100% web-based

In addition, MarketSight works with all the leading data formats - including SPSS, SAS, Triple-S, SurveyMonkey, and Excel.

MarketSight also provides excellent customer service and the product includes a series of exceptional training videos and help information easily accessed within the product.

Finally, MarketSight has industry-leading support for charting and very sophisticated export to PowerPoint on any custom template, making the creation of client-ready presentations from your survey data much easier and much faster.

If you need to create crosstabs, run statistical tests, create charts, and share results with clients using your own custom templates, we believe that MarketSight provides a superior value to SPSS.

Common Questions about MarketSight

SPSS has a diverse product line. Which specific products does MarketSight compare to?
MarketSight has features that are found in the SPSS Base, Tables, and Reporter products. One of the compelling reasons to choose MarketSight is that it combines the most important features of these offerings, plus many more, all at a fraction of the cost.

Is MarketSight appropriate for clients and managers that may not have a deep knowledge of statistical analysis techniques?
Yes. This is one of the major differences between MarketSight and SPSS. Because stat testing is automatic and the interface was designed for a broad range of experience levels, MarketSight is much easier to use and doesn’t require prior expertise or hours of training to use effectively.

Does that mean MarketSight is not suitable for trained market research professionals?
MarketSight is used heavily by thousands of professional researchers at leading research firms around the world, precisely because of its intuitive interface and its ease of use. MarketSight users report having saved hours, and sometimes days of work on a typical project by switching from SPSS, particularly when creating crosstabs and charts and exporting results to PowerPoint.

My research team is spread out around the world. Does MarketSight support collaboration?
Yes, in fact, MarketSight is optimized for collaboration. Because MarketSight is a web-based, or a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product, the software can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the internet – anywhere in the world. You can have groups of any size, from a few people to hundreds of users all working online together on the MarketSight platform, working off the same dataset, sharing crosstabs and charts, all in a secure, permission-based system designed to facilitate the analysis and presentation of survey research data.

Does MarketSight work with .sav files?
Yes, MarketSight supports all the leading survey data formats, including .sav files. Uploading datasets is simple and takes just a few seconds. Datasets can also be exported to the .sav format, along with any changes you may have made to that dataset in MarketSight, by creating new user-defined variables, for example.

Sample MarketSight Crosstab Showing Statistical Significance