SPSS 18, SPSS 19, SPSS 20 Software

SPSS 18, SPSS 19 and SPSS 20 tout many features already available in MarketSight.

Users will find that MarketSight’s survey analysis software is a great alternative to SPSS 18, SPSS 19 or SPSS 20 and much easier to use, providing the ability to manage large datasets, develop unlimited crosstabs, automatically run statistical tests and create a wide range of charts that can be exported to custom PowerPoint templates.

And in contrast to SPSS 18, SPSS 19 or SPSS 20, MarketSight is web-based and designed for collaboration, allowing you to share data, charts, reports and presentations with clients and colleagues through our Key Findings portal, which allows non-users to easily review your results.

MarketSight offers true flexibility by accepting a wide range of data file formats, including SPSS .sav files, allows creation of nested and side by side crosstabs, provides a wide range of chart options, and exports charts (and the data behind it) to your custom PowerPoint templates – all at a lower cost.

Common Questions about MarketSight

How many versions do you release per year?
MarketSight typically has four updates per year, on a quarterly basis. Customers never have to download new software because MarketSight is a hosted solution. These updates are available immediately whenever you log in.

SPSS must be downloaded and used on a single computer. Is MarketSight more flexible?
Yes. While the free SPSS trial is tied to a single computer, MarketSight is a web-based product. That means you do not have to download any software and you can access MarketSight from anywhere.

Can we collaborate with others using MarketSight?
Yes. MarketSight is ideal for collaboration between colleagues and clients because it is a web-based product that can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world. You can send links to a crosstab or chart via email, and/or publish your results (crosstabs, charts, reports and other related files) to Key Findings, where users and non-users users can easily view your findings and discuss results.

Can I still use SPSS in conjunction with MarketSight?
Yes. MarketSight supports .sav files exported from SPSS. You can upload these files within seconds under the Navigator section of MarketSight. Shortly after, you’ll be creating crosstabs, reviewing the significant findings and exporting charts to Excel or PowerPoint for your final presentation. You’ll find MarketSight easy to use, fast and powerful.

Is MarketSight’s free trial the full product or a limited version?
Our 30-day free trial gives you immediate access to the full Enterprise edition so that you can see how powerful, yet easy to use, MarketSight really is. We even provide a sample dataset for your evaluation, but encourage you to use MarketSight with your own datasets. Your MarketSight trial includes access to all the online training videos, and support via email or phone. We also have a Guide to Getting Started that you’ll find helpful. MarketSight Customer Support is readily available to assist you with a product walk-through and answer your questions on any part of the system.