SPSS Data Files

MarketSight can easily import SPSS Data Files to provide you with cost-effective survey data analysis, stat testing, and charting capabilities. MarketSight’s flexible solution allows you to create unlimited crosstabs, quickly analyze your data, and then create and export client ready charts to your custom PowerPoint templates.

If you need to analyze SPSS data files, then MarketSight is an excellent alternative. MarketSight will automate the process of running statistical tests, highlight the statistically significant results, and help you instantly create beautiful charts for export to your custom PowerPoint templates, which you can share with clients and colleagues.

MarketSight is easier to learn and use and a less expensive approach to analyze survey data. It is used by all types of research users, from novices with little to no statistics experience, all the way to experts.

You be the judge. Register for our free 30-day trial to see how easy to use, yet powerful, the MarketSight solution can be.


Common Questions about MarketSight

How can I use my spss data files?
MarketSight allows you to easily import your .sav files from SPSS, as well as other data formats, including Excel files. This is a really a simple process, where you just click on import, select the desired .sav file and within seconds, your data will be ready to analyze within MarketSight.

How long does it take to learn MarketSight’s platform? I don’t have a lot of time.
MarketSight is very easy to use, without requiring you to spend a great deal of time setting up the application or reading user manuals. A series of brief, online videos guide you through the process step by step. MarketSight automatically selects the right stat tests for you – so you don’t need to spend a lot of time setting up the application. It also highlights, via color coding, significant findings in your crosstabs, so you can focus your energies on telling and illustrating the story behind the data.

What are my export options?
MarketSight is a flexible platform that allows users to export charts to both Excel and PowerPoint. MarketSight also sends the data behind these charts, an important distinction, so if you need to make further changes, you can do that too. Many competitors only send image files and you can’t update the data. You can export charts to your custom PowerPoint template so that the environment surrounding your chart reflects the desired colors, fonts, headers and footers for branding.

Can I share data with colleagues and clients?
Yes. Because MarketSight is a web-based platform, it’s extremely easy to share data, charts and presentations with your colleagues and clients. You simply publish these to our Key Findings portal, and send links so that others can review and discuss the results with you (they do not have to be full users in order to see these results).

MarketSight Supports All of the Leading Dataset Types

File Type File Extension
SPSS .sav
Dimensions .mdd, .ddf