SPSS Software

MarketSight makes it easy to work with SPSS data. Simply upload any .sav or Dimensions file to MarketSight and you can start analyzing and visualizing your findings immediately. MarketSight reads SPSS files seamlessly, eliminating the need for tiresome data formatting and cleaning prior to upload.

Why MarketSight?

  • Cloud-based platform with automatic updates
  • Ability to manage large datasets
  • Easy to learn and use – no knowledge of syntax required
  • Elements are connected to live data and automatically refresh


spss software

spss software


  • Create customized variables for deeper segmentation
  • Drag and drop variables into the crosstab editor for instant analysis
  • Automatic statistical significance testing is shown in all crosstabs
  • Run even more analyses with R-integration



  • Choose from dozens of chart types to visualize your findings
  • Illustrate tracking studies with rich scatterplots
  • Customize display options to match your project’s theme
  • Design an interactive dashboard to relay findings quickly


spss software

spss software


  • Share results in Key Findings™- a secure, online sharing portal
  • Set permissions based on user types, or on a case-by-case basis
  • Email a link, share a URL, or embed MarketSight objects on your website
  • Export native PowerPoint slides, complete with live data feeding your visuals