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Many applications are available for data analysis, including complicated applications like SPSS survey software. However, this can be quite expensive and many companies view the functionality as overkill. As an alternative, a robust, powerful and flexible application, like MarketSight, can meet your survey analysis needs without the high price and considerable training and expertise required to use SPSS survey software. MarketSight performs stat tests automatically, making it an ideal platform for both experts and users with less statistics training.

MarketSight’s survey analysis software meets client needs in two ways. First, it’s significantly lower in cost compared to SPSS survey software, and second, it provides a rich feature set, including Key Findings, where crosstabs, reports and charts can be shared as view-only with non-users.

MarketSight can import a wide range of data set formats, including .sav files produced from the SPSS survey software.

A rich feature set that’s easy to use, combined with a price advantage, make MarketSight an outstanding value compared to SPSS survey software and others.

MarketSight clients upload their data sets directly, generate cross tabs, run stat tests, and create and export stunning charts to their own custom PowerPoint templates to share with clients and colleagues – all online, quickly, and within a secure, web-based environment.

What are the key differences between SPSS Survey Software and MarketSight?
The main benefits of MarketSight that we hear from our clients include ease of use, support of many data formats (including SPSS .sav files), limited setup time, on-line videos that eliminate classroom training and user manuals, and a web-based application that makes it far easier to share data and collaborate with colleagues and clients. Lower price and value are also big plusses over SPSS survey software.

MarketSight Automatically Highlights Areas of Statistical Significance in Crosstabs

SPSS Survey

MarketSight Offers a Wide Range of Chart Types, Which Can be Exported to Custom PowerPoint Templates

SPSS Survey