SPSS Tutorial

Complicated crosstab analysis packages often require users to read dense manuals, attend hours of classroom-based training, or wade through hours of online instruction. Unfortunately, the SPSS Tutorial requires a substantial investment of time to learn how to use the product. That means lost productivity and a cost to your organization.

MarketSight was specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Novices and experts alike can easily upload datasets, run crosstabs, and export charts within minutes. By the end of our free 30-day trial, most users are experts with the MarketSight application.

Instead of taking the approach of an SPSS tutorial, MarketSight provides an extensive library of quick videos, which provide instant step by step training while you are using the product. Most MarketSight videos are less than five minutes, saving you time and getting you to your crosstabs and charts faster than any other crosstab analysis software application.

Don’t lose time sitting in a training class or spending hours going through a lengthy SPSS tutorial. With MarketSight, there is no lost time due to training. MarketSight’s intuitive design makes it easy to use, saves you time and lets you focus on analyzing your data, highlighting the significant results and exporting visually appealing charts to your custom PowerPoint templates for clients and colleagues. Toss those user manuals and tutorials out!

A large library of short VIDEOS help you use MarketSight from Start to Finish