Stat Tests

Running stat tests can be a challenging part of the data analysis process, especially if you don’t have the right tool. In particular, knowing which statistical test to apply in which situation can be difficult for non-experts and experts alike. MarketSight has made that process much easier by embedding the best thinking of expert statisticians into our software and automating the selection and application of stat tests for each type of data being analyzed in MarketSight.

This major advance in stat testing enables our users – typically market researchers, data analysts, and marketing professionals - to focus on the findings and the story being told by the data, rather than the mechanics of choosing and running stat tests. At MarketSight, we think the technology should do the heavy lifting and the people should apply their creative talents to interpreting and presenting the results in meaningful ways to help support good business decisions. We think you’ll agree that MarketSight can help you do just that.

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