Statistical Analysis Software

There are several types of statistical analysis software available to analyze data. Most of the software developed to perform statistical analysis was written many years ago and was designed to be used by experts in statistics. Because of that, such software is often based on older technologies, is difficult to learn and use, and tends to be more expensive.

The MarketSight statistical analysis software is different. It’s based on the latest technology and is entirely web-based – so there’s nothing to install or maintain. Plus, it was designed not just for experts in statistics, but for all market researchers and for anyone whose job involves the analysis of survey data.

Statistical Analysis with MarketSight

MarketSight is professional statistical analysis software that’s much easier to learn and typically much less expensive than traditional, legacy, desktop tools that require weeks of training and expertise in statistics.

Common Questions about Statistical Analysis Software

Why is MarketSight so much easier to use than traditional tools?
MarketSight makes use of the latest, most advanced, web technologies to automate key steps in the data analysis process making it simple to run the correct statistical tests in every situation. We’ve also made it incredibly easy to create and modify charts and then export them to PowerPoint, complete with the underlying data, onto your own custom PowerPoint template.

Does MarketSight do more that statistical analysis? Can it do charting?
Absolutely. MarketSight is a full survey analysis and reporting solution. It’s not just statistical analysis software. With MarketSight, you can create charts, view response data, create new variables, run crosstabs, export your findings to Excel and PowerPoint, and share everything online on MarketSight’s secure online reporting platform for clients.

If I am an expert in statistics, will I find MarketSight useful in my work?
Most likely, yes. MarketSight is statistical analysis software used by professional researchers and statisticians all over the world. They find it useful not only in their own analytical work but also in preparing and sharing reports for clients. Because MarketSight is web-based, researchers use it as a global platform for sharing data, charts, and reports with anyone, anywhere, with access to a computer connected to the Internet.

How much does MarketSight cost? My impression is that statistical analysis software is expensive.
Many products are expensive. However, MarketSight is very reasonably priced. Although it’s very powerful and easy to use, MarketSight is usually the most cost-effective analysis and reporting solution for market researchers. A subscription starts at just $119/month. In addition, every MarketSight Account also includes up to 1000 FREE subscriptions for clients or colleagues to view Key Findings. Read more about our pricing here: MarketSight Pricing

Can I work with other members of my research team in MarketSight collaboratively and work on the same dataset simultaneously?
Yes. That’s one of the major reasons to choose MarketSight, actually. Because it’s a web-based statistical analysis software application, MarketSight is an ideal platform for sharing data, crosstabs, reports, and charts online. Everything you create can be shared – or not – based on the permissions you set up for the other users in your account.

Can I view individual response data in MarketSight?
Yes. In addition to creating crosstabs, charts, and new variables, it’s very easy to view individual responses in MarketSight by simply creating a Data Table. You can filter results on any variable, sort the table, and export it to Excel.

How does MarketSight handle verbatims or open-ended responses?
During dataset import, MarketSight reads all text variables and automatically determines if they are in fact open-ended responses, or if they are text-based categorical responses that should be treated as such and coded (which MarketSight then does, automatically). If they are open-ended responses, they will be displayed in MarketSight as text when viewed in a data table. MarketSight also offers the option of having those verbatims coded with keywords through a partnership with text analytics specialists at Language Logic.

Does MarketSight offer technical support or does that carry an additional cost?
Technical support is included with every subscription at no additional charge. Our support team is available via email and phone on all business days from 8:00 am to 8:00pm East Coast U.S. time. MarketSight also has great Help content and Online Training for all product features.

How often is the MarketSight software updated? Is that included in the subscription?
MarketSight has major updates several times each year and has many smaller updates throughout the year. All updates are included in the annual subscription. Updates are performed automatically and are done during off-peak hours, rarely impacting access to the servers. Documentation and training is provided for every new feature added to the system.

What data formats does MarketSight support?
MarketSight supports the leading dataset formats used by market researchers, including SPSS, SAS, Triple-S and Excel data formats.